Sunday, April 20, 2008

Winner of Final Drawing

The winner of our last pair of movie passes from Reston Town Center Multiplex Cinema is Natasha Merchant of Herndon. Thank you everyone for your participation! Everyone who entered but did not win received a coupon good for savings at the book sale.

Speaking of the book sale, the countdown is upon us! Set-up begins on Monday and by Thursday evening (April 24), when Friends' Night opens at 6, the tables will be loaded and cashiers will be standing by waiting to take your money. If you're not a member, or you've let your membership lapse, you can remedy that on Thursday evening! On Friday at 10 a.m. we'll open to the general public, as we will on Saturday at 10. On Sunday we'll open at noon.

Speaking of money, we do NOT take credit cards but we do take cash and checks. We'll have three cashiers set up most of the time and we'll be happy to help you turn your movie tickets from Reston Town Center Multiplex Cinema into savings on your purchases!

While at the sale, don't forget to look in the display case at the front doors -- it holds some nice gift books for sale...the kind you give to significant others and they think you paid full price at the retail store! If you decide to tell them where you got the book, they'll just think you're smart AND kind!

The book sale proceeds benefit Reston Library as well as other library programs throughout the county so come support your reading habit!

See you there!

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