Friday, June 6, 2008

Amazing Amazon Storefront

We often receive donations of beautiful, rare, or otherwise extremely interesting books. Some we can sell at our semi-annual used book sales. Others -- well, they require a wider audience in order to be matched with the perfect buyer. We set up an Amazon storefront last year for those special candidates and the books have flown out! One of our dedicated Friends members keeps the storefront current, deals with customers, and ships the books. Her efforts have been appropriately rewarded by very high reviews from buyers.
The books we post on Amazon range from very pricey due to rarity, to not so pricey -- but still more difficult to sell at their real value in a used book sale. In a non-profit organization, good stewardship requires that we try to maximize the value of these special books in order to have funds to help the library with programs and events. As dollars tighten up, it is even more important for the Friends of the Library to have a healthy base of funds from which to accomplish our mission.

Don't worry -- we aren't putting all the 'good stuff'' on-line and leaving the 'dregs' for the hometown buyers. On the contrary, we receive so many donations of special books that this allows us to display many more of them than we can physically handle at a used book sale. Between sales, it is nice to post some of the books here as well and give you, our friends and Friends, a look. I encourage you to click on the link to our Amazon store front and prepare to be amazed!
About these books:

The Rhododendron is a two-volume set, filled with gorgeous illustrations. Volume I (1958) has 18 beautiful full-color reproductions from paintings by Carlos Riefel. Vol II (1962) has another 18 full-color reproductions from paintings by Carlos Riefel. The line drawings in the botanical text are by Susanne Kolasse. Rare and beautiful, it is priced at $250.

The Alpine World of Mount Cook National Park is full of awesome photographs of this famous New Zealand wonderland. It is priced at $20.

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