Friday, June 27, 2008

Theorem Painting and Garfield

Here are some more goodies from our cat treasure trove.

Theorem painting was a decorative art of the early 1800's. Done with stencils, called patterns or theorems, all the work was theorematical. Fruits and flowers in bowls and baskets were most typical of the period, which lasted until about 1850. Each stencil was carefully cut, placed on white velvet, the openings painted in with a stiff brush or wool squire and details completed with a fine sable brush.

This theorem painting of a resting kitty is by Sandy Honan whose works grace many country-style restaurants throughout the Southeast U.S. It originally retailed for $125 and is framed in a decorative wood-carved frame.

Garfield? If you're a fan or a collector, you'll know that this Garfield statue by Enesco has sold for $45 in the past. What will you pay for it as a patron of our Cats Pajamas Sale?

On Saturday July 19, come to the Reston Regional Library at 11925 Bowman Towne Drive in Reston during regular library hours to see these and other great buys. If you're a Friends member and you see something you like now, e-mail us at for details on price and to purchase early!


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