Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Friends, some of us are still back in the technological Dark Ages, so VHS works just fine! In fact, my brother-in-law prefers them because of the ability to rewind and fast-forward precisely. This sale is just for him . . . and YOU!

We received a big donation of VHS tapes at the beginning of the summer. Many are still shrinkwrapped! The donation is so large that it is getting in the way of us being able to prepare for the Fall 2008 Semi-Annual sale. So they have to go!

That accrues to your benefit because the prices will be low! Best selection, of course, will be early in the day. So make it a point to stop by the Reston Regional Library on Saturday, August 9, to get a great deal on videos!

After this sale, Friends of Reston Regional Library, Inc., will no longer accept donations of single videos. We WILL still accept sets, and of course, other media (CD, DVD, Books on Tape).

See you there!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Cats Pajamas, New Friend

As the final figures roll in, it turns out the Cats Pajamas sale was one of the most successful mini-sales we've run! Well over $1200 raised and several new friends and faces!

We enjoy doing these specialty mini-sales as they become necessary. That's why we're offering the VHS mini-sale on August 9. Come early to get the best selection. Some of these titles are still in shrink-wrap!

By the way, at the Cats Pajamas sale we met a new friend, photographer Darlene Strevey, who took the great photos above. She is a Restonian with a passion for photography, books and that wonderful place on Lawyers Road, Margaret's Gardens. If you've ever driven down Lawyers Road past the Fox Mill shopping center and towards West Ox Road, you've probably seen a profusion of gorgeous irises blowing in the breeze on your right. That's the place! Sadly, its future is in question now. Let your District Supervisor know how you feel about this place, and help it stay a part of the unspoiled landscape that is increasingly difficult to find! To see the garden website, go to www.herndonirisgarden.com The breathtaking photos were taken by Darlene.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Access services

We've worked with the Access Services folks in the past, but have recently purchased an "auto-reader" for the branch. This technology is kind of neat - it helps magnify and display the printed word for visually-impaired people.

This is another way we are helping the community in our niche of education and literacy.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

National Geographic Magazine Sale

What a deal! Past issues of National Geographic Magazine are on sale at the Reston Regional Library. While they last, they’re 5 for $1.00 or .25 each. Please pass the word to friends – especially teachers!

As of July 23, 2008, the Friends of Reston Regional Library are no longer accepting donations of National Geographic. They take up a disproportionate amount of storage room for the paltry pennies we collect by selling them. We want to reserve as much room as possible for all those wonderful books you're looking for at the semi-annual sales!

And don't forget -- August 9, 2008, the VHS sale! Stock up!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Dear Friends, you really came through on the Cats Pajamas sale! We sold over $1000 of books, prints, notecards and other cat-related items. We got to visit with some seasoned friends and made some new ones too!

Thank you to everyone who supported us in any way. And a HUGE special thank you to the Friend who brought us a first edition of Ray Bradbury's "Cats Pajamas" book as a donation. In the interest of privacy we won't name you, but you and we know who you are and we are very grateful!

Many of the remaining framed prints are displayed in the case at the front entrance. They're for sale so stop by and see them as you enter or exit the library!

Mark your calendars now for the VHS one-day only sale! It will be in the same location (front of the library) on Saturday, August 9 during regular library hours!


Thursday, July 17, 2008


Do you remember when you were a little kid that "dayaftertomorrow" was all one word? It was usually connected with something you couldn't WAIT for -- like the end of school, or Christmas morning. Well, dayaftertomorrow is the Cat's Pajamas sale at Reston Regional Library! After telling you about these books and other items for weeks, you'll be able to check my veracity in person!

In addition to the many books that we kept back, we've pulled over thirty of the books from our Amazon site and adjusted the prices for our very special local crowd -- YOU! So stop by between 10 and 5 on Saturday, July 19, at the Reston Regional Library. 11925 Bowman Towne Drive. Near the Town Center and Reston Hospital, off Fairfax County Parkway. But you knew that, right?


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Something's Cooking!

We've just received some lovely cookbooks as donations. They'll be getting up onto our Amazon website soon, but I wanted you to see how enticing they are. We're at the point of the summer where everyone needs a NEW squash or zucchini recipe. And how about those berries coming to market right now? Don't waste any of the fruits (or vegetables) of your hard labor!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Cats of all ages, shapes and sizes!

As I took a quick look at the 'cat' books today, it was apparent that our dedicated volunteers are stacking up LOTS for you to choose from this Saturday (19th July). I saw everything from board books about cats to personal memoirs about cats to care and feeding, breeding, beautiful photos, and ... well, it's just overwhelming how MUCH there is to choose from. Did I mention there are even a few DVD/video/CD's? And then add in the assorted cat-themed "items" and you cat lovers will MEOW!

Come see us on Saturday! Get to the library right at 10 to get the best selection! kw

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bermuda and books

Well we had a wonderful time in Bermuda - the weather couldn't have been better - we left before the tropical storm landed. I managed to read just two books while there both from the spring book sale - Good Grief by Lolly Winston - about a widow starting over - a good beach read. The other book I read was Bonita Faye by Margaret Moseley (suggested by MA my sorting partner)- it was a book that I wouldn't have purchased because of the jacket cover but found I couldn't put it down once I started it - shows you can't judge a book by its cover. On the last day we were there I went into the gift show and discovered they had a book by one of my favorite summer authors Sheila O'Flanagan - she is an Irish author. Would love to know if anyone else has heard of these books?

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Cat...

...how we'd like to give a pat
to our volunteers and friends
Seems the fun here never ends
Come to celebrate our sale --
bargains far beyond the pale!

So much for my attempt at poetry. The translation of this very bad rhyme is: Don't forget the Cats Pajama sale NEXT SATURDAY, July 19, during regular library hours (10-5) at Reston Regional Library.

See you there! Meow!


Friday, July 11, 2008

VHS, Cats, and New Posts

It's been a very busy week, so we haven't been able to update until now. But the good news for you is that we have NEWS!


The Reston Friends have received some huge donations of videos this summer -- many still shrink-wrapped! That's good news for you because we just don't have room to store them all awaiting the fall booksale. We have just received permission to run a one day mini-sale AUGUST 9, just for videos.

In the meantime, don't forget that next Saturday, the 19th, is the Cat's Meow sale. We're still furiously pricing and sorting the donations so YOU will be able to see and purchase these great books and other cat related items!

And while this photo isn't a video and isn't a book about cats, it IS a great book and available on our Amazon website. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alphabet and Archaeology

The new books on our Amazon site this week look great.

Homage to the Alphabet: A Typeface Sourcebook is a graphic artists' dream come true! It might inspire you to design new typefaces or help you fit the ideal type to a project that seems sadly lacking in pizazz. Hmm...maybe I ought to look at it for our publicity posters. It's $48 on Amazon.

Also available from our Amazon site is The Treasure of the Concepcion , a fascinating story. There's something to appeal to everyone in this book. Pirates, fierce storms at sea, discovery, loss, treasure ... and the whole story cloaked in intrigue. Even the name of the vessel is a code name assigned to it by the exploration company in order to protect the wreck. The controversy over archeology vs. profit is a central theme. This book is rare -- ours is the only one posted for sale on Amazon at present. It's $65.

Don't forget the kitty cats coming your way July 19 at Reston Regional Library!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Sorting Books

A new voice on our blog!

Well my sister has a blog so I guess I should follow the British show
"Keeping Up" and follow suit. I volunteer in the sorting room on Thursdays.
Last Thursday when we all arrived we couldn't believe the amount of books
that were there. It seems like everyone in Reston must have cleaned out
their shelves and donated books. The shelves were overflowing as well as
Bertha (our main bin). MA and I decided we better box first so that
we could make room. I really like tradebacks/fiction and knew if I started
there I wouldn't get anything done as I would keep looking at the jackets of
the books. I started at the computer/business section and by the end of the
day we had boxed 37 boxes (we think that must have been a new record). When
we got to the tradebacks we were so tired of books that we didn't take any
time looking at them and just boxed them. Until next time. BB

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fairfax Station Delights

If you are a local history or railroad buff, this book will be a great addition to your collection and knowledge base. Fairfax Station: All Aboard! sells for $48 at our Amazon website. Click on the link to the right to go there, or if you're a current member, e-mail us at RestonFriends@gmail.com to avoid postage.

And don't forget the Cat's Pajamas sale coming up Saturday, July 19 at the Reston Regional Library during regular library hours! This book, "Big Cats: The Paintings of Guy Coheleach" is available on our website for $38 or you can wait until the sale.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wimbledon Inspires!

Tennis Anyone? A classic tennis learning/teaching book, this book is on our Amazon site for $32. If Wimbledon has inspired you, don't let go of that feeling! Jump into mastering tennis with this book!

All of the books we offer on Amazon are donations to the library. The library has the first option of selecting from donations for their collection. After that, the Friends of the Library evaluates all donated books for sale. Those that end up on Amazon are books more likely to sell with a wider exposure than we get with our local used book sales. Current members of Friends of the Library can purchase any book we have on Amazon and avoid shipping by contacting us at RestonFriends@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Prepare to Hold Your Breath

When I was a kid my father was stationed overseas so we didn't have American television. While everyone back in the U.S. was watching Laugh-In and Room 222, each night I held myself very still in the dark listening to the Far East Network playing everything from Jack Benny to Gunsmoke. The ka-chink, ka-chink of the boots on the boardwalk, or the hollow trek down to Jack Benny's vault stay with me today! But only when I had a friend over did I dare to listen to the suspense plays. Lying in the dark listening to these was too scary to enjoy alone! These very same plays are available for you to share that joy with your children, grandchildren, or so you can indulge yourself!

Even if you don't have children in your life, these sets would be great for a long car trip or a long commute as well! While everyone else on the road is stressed you'll be enjoying the gems of yesteryear. Live theater in your ears. They're priced quite reasonably at:

  • Suspense: $29 - 20 cassettes, 30 hours, 60 programs - Old-Time Radio
  • Stars on Suspense: $16.50 - 20 cassettes, 30 hours, 60 programs - Old-Time Radio

    These will be offered through our Amazon storefront. If you're interested in more details about them, click the link to the right to go to the storefront. If you're a member of the Reston Friends, contact us at restonfriends@gmail.com to get your copy locally and skip the shipping!