Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alphabet and Archaeology

The new books on our Amazon site this week look great.

Homage to the Alphabet: A Typeface Sourcebook is a graphic artists' dream come true! It might inspire you to design new typefaces or help you fit the ideal type to a project that seems sadly lacking in pizazz. Hmm...maybe I ought to look at it for our publicity posters. It's $48 on Amazon.

Also available from our Amazon site is The Treasure of the Concepcion , a fascinating story. There's something to appeal to everyone in this book. Pirates, fierce storms at sea, discovery, loss, treasure ... and the whole story cloaked in intrigue. Even the name of the vessel is a code name assigned to it by the exploration company in order to protect the wreck. The controversy over archeology vs. profit is a central theme. This book is rare -- ours is the only one posted for sale on Amazon at present. It's $65.

Don't forget the kitty cats coming your way July 19 at Reston Regional Library!


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