Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Prepare to Hold Your Breath

When I was a kid my father was stationed overseas so we didn't have American television. While everyone back in the U.S. was watching Laugh-In and Room 222, each night I held myself very still in the dark listening to the Far East Network playing everything from Jack Benny to Gunsmoke. The ka-chink, ka-chink of the boots on the boardwalk, or the hollow trek down to Jack Benny's vault stay with me today! But only when I had a friend over did I dare to listen to the suspense plays. Lying in the dark listening to these was too scary to enjoy alone! These very same plays are available for you to share that joy with your children, grandchildren, or so you can indulge yourself!

Even if you don't have children in your life, these sets would be great for a long car trip or a long commute as well! While everyone else on the road is stressed you'll be enjoying the gems of yesteryear. Live theater in your ears. They're priced quite reasonably at:

  • Suspense: $29 - 20 cassettes, 30 hours, 60 programs - Old-Time Radio
  • Stars on Suspense: $16.50 - 20 cassettes, 30 hours, 60 programs - Old-Time Radio

    These will be offered through our Amazon storefront. If you're interested in more details about them, click the link to the right to go to the storefront. If you're a member of the Reston Friends, contact us at to get your copy locally and skip the shipping!
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