Monday, July 7, 2008

Sorting Books

A new voice on our blog!

Well my sister has a blog so I guess I should follow the British show
"Keeping Up" and follow suit. I volunteer in the sorting room on Thursdays.
Last Thursday when we all arrived we couldn't believe the amount of books
that were there. It seems like everyone in Reston must have cleaned out
their shelves and donated books. The shelves were overflowing as well as
Bertha (our main bin). MA and I decided we better box first so that
we could make room. I really like tradebacks/fiction and knew if I started
there I wouldn't get anything done as I would keep looking at the jackets of
the books. I started at the computer/business section and by the end of the
day we had boxed 37 boxes (we think that must have been a new record). When
we got to the tradebacks we were so tired of books that we didn't take any
time looking at them and just boxed them. Until next time. BB

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