Tuesday, September 30, 2008


THANK YOU to our Corporate Sponsors!  The following companies made donations in support of our Fall Semi-Annual Used Book Sale.  Some of them donated food that sustained the volunteers during set-up and the sale.  Everything was delicious and very much appreciated!  The photos show an appreciative volunteer (Tom) and the spread provided by one of the sponsors.

CVS #1396
CVS #1961
Giant Food #153
Giant Food #747
Galic Garden
Rio Grande Cafe
On the Border
Einstein Bagels
Papa John's Pizza
Great Harvest Bread Company
Famous Dave's of America
UNO Chicago Bar & Grill
Cheesecake Factory
Starbucks, Reston
USA Weekend
Office Depot

This is another great reason to volunteer with us!  E-mail us at restonfriendspr@gmail.com to become part of the action.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Recycling to the World

How good do you feel when you think about people in less developed countries benefiting FREE from what, to our culture, are left-overs?

Good! Think about people in India who have no access to a library.  All books are treasures, but they are in the hands of rich people, or intellectuals.

Enter the local Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Meerut East Library Trust and the Friends of Reston Regional Library (FRRL).  At the conclusion of each FRRL semi-annual used book sale, the local Rotarians pick up many boxes of left-over books and send them to India to a library in Saket, Meerut.  Starting with a library of 100 books in a tin shed, the library has grown to a permanent home and 80,000 books.   Think of the topics, the literacy, the planting of seeds for dreams of tomorrow in the minds of young readers...

Being a part of Friends of the Reston Regional Library is often fun, is almost always a joy, and is usually worth it.  But today, watching those boxes go to people who probably NEVER would have had the opportunity to learn about anything outside their immediate existence made me feel PROUD and PRIVILEGED to be part of the Friends of the Reston Regional Library!

Join us.  We do good stuff!


Whew! What an Event!

The booksale closed yesterday afternoon at 3:30 with people still frantically shopping!  In other words, right up to the last minute people continued to locate books worth purchasing.  THAT is the difference between our sale and others.  We continue to restock.  We make available to you, our customers, everything we have.  Nothing is held back and everything is priced to sell!

Our preliminary numbers look VERY good -- perhaps even a record.  We'll let you know in the next couple of days.

So what can you do while it's NOT booksale time?  Check the blog.  Here is where we'll feature some of the most beautiful/interesting/quirky books that are donated.  You can purchase them between sales if a) you are a current Friends member and b) you contact us via e-mail.  restonfriendspr@gmail.com

Check our Amazon site.  We have 2 storefronts at Amazon (2 because 2 of our amazing volunteers run them from their homes) where we feature niche and noteworthy books that might not get adequate exposure on the sales floor.  In case you wondered, our Amazon storefronts are entirely volunteer.   The two people who run them, "J" and "B", do NOT get a commission, nor are they dealers.  They're just good people who volunteer for the Friends and enjoy doing this.  They don't mind a portion of their homes being taken over by books for sale, and don't mind making friends with their postal carrier, and don't mind watching all that lovely money poor into the Reston Friends account so we can support the Reston Regional library!

Thank you so much for supporting us over the last four days.  If it looks like the volunteers were having fun, we were!  If you'd like to have that much fun, JOIN US!  E-mail us!


Sunday, September 28, 2008


Don't miss it today! It will be your last chance to visit our semi-annual book sale. And before you say, "Nah, everything is already picked over," rethink that! Because of the BIG FLIP (see below), we're still putting out fresh books! Today we'll make sure EVERY box of stored books gets opened and our great customers have a chance to see them! We'll be here to take your money from noon-3:30!

FAQ: What do you do with leftover books?
We donate them to pre-screened charities. If you work with a charity that would like to get on our donation list for a future sale, please send us an e-mail at restonfriendspr@gmail.com.

FAQ: Why don't you mark things down on Sunday? Other library book sales do!
Unlike most booksales, we are still putting out fresh, first quality used books on Sunday. Those that mark down often do so because they recognize that what is left by the last day of their sale is less marketable. We also have a mechanism for giving the left-over books a good second life through charity donations, so we have no need or pressure to mark them down.

FAQ: When and where can we donate books?
We will begin receiving donations again on Saturday, October 4. You may donate up to 2 boxes per household, per day. You can drop them in the donation box in the front of the library, or you can pull around to the back of the library and knock on the door or ring the bell.

FAQ: When is the next sale?
The Jigsaw Puzzle Mini Sale will be November 7-13.
The Holiday Mini Sale will be December 3-8.
The Mystery Mini Sale will be February 6-11, 2009.
The Spring 2009 Semi-Annual HUGE sale will be Spril 24-26. Friends night will be April 23.

The mini sales will all be held in the "New Books" area of the library. We will be happy to receive puzzle donations beginning October 4 as well.

More questions? E-mail us at restonfriendspr@gmail.com

Thanks for all your great support for this sale!


Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yesterday afternoon when things calmed down a bit at the sale, we did something we've never tried before. We're calling it the BIG FLIP.

We went through the main sales room and pulled anything that looked ratty or questionable in terms of sales. We replaced these books with fresh books from freshly opened boxes.

What had happened was at the end of the sale we were donating boxes to charity that we had never had the opportunity to open -- so we didn't know what kind of juicy sales items were in them. We decided that this time, we'd give our DEAR CUSTOMERS the option of seeing EVERYTHING we have available. The things that will go to charity will be things that you, our public, passed on purchasing.

So, even if you came Friday and think you found everything that appeals to you -- COME BACK TODAY! The room is fresh, the books are beautiful, and our friendly sales staff are here to serve you!


Friday, September 26, 2008


WOW! THANK YOU FRIENDS! Last night, the first evening of our Semi-Annual Used Book Sale, we exceeded our Spring Friends Night numbers by over 20%! We also saw new customers who traveled from New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

If you didn't get here last night, don't despair. Today (Friday) we're open 10-5, Saturday 10-4:30 and Sunday noon-3:30.

Based on last night's event though, I'd like to pass on a few things to remember.

1. BE KIND -- some people are here to find a cheap book that they can resell for a lot of money on the internet. We understand that and because we do, we allow those folks the courtesy of being able to bring in and use scanners. HOWEVER, we demand the courtesy in return that people will behave in a civilized manner. Not everyone who comes to this sale is a dealer. Many are gentle souls who love books and just want to be able to look without being harrassed, pushed or abused.

2. BE KIND -- behind this elaborate set-up is a fantastic army of volunteers. NO ONE is paid for all the work that goes into this sale. Many volunteers have given many, many hours to prepare for this event. When you make nasty comments about it not being a 'good' sale, you undermine their efforts and you undermine our ability to recruit volunteers. People don't want to serve where they're not appreciated. When you feel the urge to spout off, remember Thumper: If you can't say anything nice, don't say nothin'!

3. BE REALISTIC -- dealers and resellers are not the only ones with scanners. Yes, we use them too. It would be a breach of our fiduciary responsibility to our donors, our members, and our library and our organization for us to close our eyes to high dollar books when they are donated. Any high dollar book you find in our specials room is still way below market value. If you can find a particular book cheaper elsewhere, feel free to purchase from that resource.

4. FINALLY -- I got some good feedback last night about the blog and I want to clear up a misconception. The books that we feature on the blog are SPECIALS. The threshold for SPECIALS for our sales is $5 and up. The VAST MAJORITY of the books at our sale are below $5. Many, many of them are $1.50 hardbacks, and .50 and $1 paperbacks. Someone thought that our blog implied we only sell expensive books. Not at all! Come on down and find out!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tonight's the Night!

At 6pm this evening, the best Used Book Sale in Northern Virginia will open its doors to very special supporters. Members of Friends of Reston Regional Library will be able to shop from 6-8:30 p.m. at 11025 Bowman Towne Drive to fulfill wish lists -- personal and for others!

We've been tweaking our flow of information and books since April with an eye toward giving you the best selection and service at the sale. But please be patient -- you know that we all have to stand in line at some point in our lives. It may be while waiting to go into the booksale, or it may be while you're waiting to pay for your books!

We will have a 3rd cashier set up during the sale when lines are too long. All of our cashiers are equipped to take cash or checks. NO CREDIT CARDS!

You may bring a scanner with you but we cannot allow any kind of cart or stroller -- that's a fire marshal restriction. You may not HOARD books! You may not harass or interfere with another patron. We like to keep our book sale a friendly event for our book-loving community. Your adult behavior will help ensure that is the case.

We love children and childrens books, however, small children can be a danger to themselves and others if they are not closely supervised, so please consider whether bringing your small children will be too much of a distraction for you while you're trying to shop. One of our continuing concerns is the number of children and adults in the childrens section who take boxes of books out into the middle of the pathway, endangering themselves and some of our elderly and disabled patrons. Please be a responsible parent!

Personal shopping? Not quite, but IF YOU ARE A MEMBER, and you're looking for a particular title or author, our super-sharp stockers might be able to narrow down your field of search.

We appreciate your business and your support. Please let us know if there are ideas we can try for next sale that will enhance your shopping experience! See you at 6!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Drum Roll, Please

Finally, the Friends of the Reston Regional Library Used Book Sale is here!  Tomorrow, THURSDAY NIGHT, those of you who are members of the Friends will be able to attend Friends Night and shop to your heart's content!  If your membership has lapsed, or if you don't have one, you'll be able to remedy that on the spot.

We start at 6p.m. and go until 8:30 p.m.  We take cash and checks.  There is an ATM machine at the library, but you know ATM machines...better to be prepared!

At the library, you'll be able to see in person, and purchase on the spot, any of the books we've featured on our blog, and many, many more.  I worked setting up the Specials Room yesterday and believe me, these have just been the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  There are 2 1/2 shelves of cookbooks, a whole section of art books, 5 shelves of history, 4-5 shelves of literature, some very cool car books, numerous entertainment/film books . . . you get the picture!

Don't miss this event!  And come again on Friday, 10-5, Saturday, 10-4:30, and Sunday, noon-3:30!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something For Everyone

While it is not quite our motto that "there is something for everyone" at our book sale, it does seem to be the case.  This is a good example.  This book is beautiful, and, well, NICHE!  By Richard Hayhurst, Luonnon Kuvaajien Parhaat Finnish Nature Photography at Its
Best was published by Weilin Goos in 1987.  It is hard cover with a nice dust jacket that shows some shelf wear but no tears.  We have it priced at $20.  It will be in the "Specials" Room at the Semi-Annual Book Sale beginning on Thursday evening, September 25 at 6:00 p.m.

Fans of Susan Seddon Boulet are in for a treat with the addition of this book to our list available for sale.  Published by Pomegranate Artbooks in 1994, this 1st edition is in beautiful condition.  It is hardcover, with an unclipped dust jacket and appears unread.  Susan Seddon Boulet: The Goddess Paintings with text by Michael Babcock sells for $20.  It will also be in the Specials Room at the sale.

Set-up for the sale began on Sunday.  On Monday this writer worked setting up the Specials Room.  This is where all the books priced at $5 and up are located.  The number and quality of art books, particularly, is amazing.  There are also two shelves of cookbooks, many collectible childrens' books, literature books, history, biography, photography, entertainment, literature, gardening, and many old and/or cool books!  Don't miss this room when you come to the sale.  One can almost fill one's holiday shopping list from the Specials Room alone!

The Specials room also has special procedures designed to maintain the quality of the books and to control inventory of higher value books.  Please be patient with our Specials Room clerk as she collects the appropriate information from you.

We'll look forward to seeing you soon!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weapons and Castles

From Amazon:  Wealthy Chicagoan George F. Harding Jr. could afford the expensive hobby of collecting art and used his keen eye for medieval and Renaissance armor and weapons to do just that. The Harding collection was eventually donated to the Art Institute of Chicago, and today it is that museum's most popular holding. This volume showcases those pieces in large and lavish photos and illustrations within a layout that is inviting and balanced. In his accompanying text, Karcheski, the curator of arms and armor at the Higgins Armory Museum, puts these examples and the general subject of medieval armor and weapons into context for the general reader. 
FRRL Price: $6

Again, from Amazon: You don't have to be an architectural historian to reap the multifarious rewards of this gorgeous volume.  This book's brilliant, clearly written text should appeal to classicists, abstract art admirers, and lovers of historical mysteries--hark, fans of The Name of the Rose--to suggest just a few of many possible audiences.

Already in its third printing in Germany, the lushly illustrated book offers Heinz Götze's reasoned arguments tying the design of the Castel Del Monte, the mysterious, singular, southern Italian fortress built under the revered leader Frederick II, to the Mediterranean culture of the Middle Ages and to the intricacies of Arab geometry circulating in North Africa at the time. Götze is steeped in his subject: he has led architectural digs at other sites to search for European antecedents for this extraordinary eight-sided star of an edifice (there are none), and he draws on a seemingly vast knowledge of the delicate geometries of celestial and terrestrial designs of the period that stretch from France to Syria. His impeccable scholarship seems to liberate him from the pedestrian prose of many such books (there are cheerily triumphal exclamation points scattered throughout this one).   

FRRL Price: $8

I apologize for using the Amazon descriptions this morning!  I don't have the books here to examine so I'm relying on the expertise of others.  I can tell you that our copies are in beautiful shape, appropriate for gifts.

You can contact us to purchase any book on this blog by e-mailing Restonfriendspr@gmail.com  Better yet, come to the Semi-Annual Used Book Sale beginning on Thursday evening (Friends night) at 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., September 25.  The rest of the sale hours:
Friday, September 26, 10-5
Saturday, September 27, 10-4:30
Sunday, September 28, noon-3:30

We have so many beautiful books for sale, all donated by our local community.  The hardbacks start at $1.50 and rack paperbacks begin at .50.  All proceeds of the book sale benefit Reston Regional Library and other Fairfax County Library Projects.  By supporting the sale you're practicing recycling, helping support your library, and going home with fabulous bargains!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Out of the Earth

The discovery in China in 1974 of an entire terra cotta army dating from Emperor of Qin (210 B.C.) astounded the world.  As the archeological excavations proceeded, they revealed the artistry of the creators as well as the magnitude of the project (8000 soldiers, over 500 horses, as well as musicians, acrobats, officials, strongmen).  This book documents the process and the results, and if this kind of thing interests you, this book is one you'll go back to again and again. The book is available for $50 through Friends of the Reston Regional Library.

While you're on the subject of how ancient China influences the modern world, let your eyes roam through the pages of this delightful book.   By understanding the influence of China upon western architects of the 17th-20th centuries, you will begin to see skylines and rooflines in an entirely new manner.  This is also available through the Friends of the Reston Regional library -- but you'll have to e-mail us for the price.  RestonFriendspr@gmail.com

These are just a sampling of the fabulous books we have for sale beginning Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. at Reston Regional Library.  We're at 10925 Bowman Towne Dr., Reston, VA.  If you can locate Reston Hospital, you can find us.  Thursday night will be Friends night, but we'd be happy to make some new friends that night -- so come by and purchase a membership and then shop to your heart's content.

If you can't make it then, we open to the general public on Friday, 26 September at 10, Saturday at 10 and Sunday at noon.  We restock all weekend, so shop early and shop often!

And since I haven't mentioned it recently, all photos of books on this site are taken by D. Strevey.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fu Manchu and the Red Army

Red Army Uniforms of World War II in Colour Photographs / Europa Militaria / copyr 1993 / soft cover / still in plastic wrap / scarce     

Illusion Builder to Fu Manchu (David Bamberg): A Tribute to Edmund Spreer / Robert E. Olson / publ by Morris Costumes (Charlotte, NC) / copyr 1986 / decorated red hard cover / dj shows mild shelf wear, two one-inch tears at bottom front corners, sunfading on top of back of dj / otherwise as unread / interior bright as new, no foxing

Here are two more of the treasures unearthed from our donations.  Either or both can be yours.  If you're interested, please e-mail us at RestonFriendspr@gmail.com.  To see many more, come to the Used Book Sale.  Friends night (membership can be purchased on site) is Thursday, 25 September at 6-8:30 p.m.  Friday, 26 September we open to the general public at 10.  We're open again Saturday at 10 and Sunday at noon.  Don't miss this event!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Art and History

This first book, Africa Adorned, is by Angela Fisher. Published by Collins (London) in 1984, this hard cover book is signed by the author. The dust jacket shows slight wear, but the book is as unread. It is a very scarce book, this one signed by the author. $125

This second book is a history book. Australian Dreaming: 40,000 Years of Aboriginal History is published by Ure Smith. It is a hardover book, copyright 1991. The dust jacket shows slight shelf wear but the book is as unread. $16

As you can see, our sale has something for everyone's interest, everyone's price range. The books at the used book sale will start at $1.50 for hardback and .50c for rack paperbacks. The sale runs 26-28 September 2008. If you're a member, or you'd like to become a member that night, we invite you to attend Friends' Night on Thursday, 25 September from 6-8:30 p.m.

Books are donated by our patrons and community. We help each other perform the ultimate recycling! We can't wait to see what will pique your interest this fall.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall for the Book

Time out from our regularly scheduled book revealing for an important announcement! The Fairfax County Library System and George Mason University are in the midst of 2008 Fall for the Book.

Excerpted from their website:

What began as a two-day literary event in 1999, organized by George Mason University and the City of Fairfax, has expanded into a week-long, multiple-venue, regional festival that brings together people of all ages and interests, thanks to growing community interest and generous supporting partners.

• Advances children's education by hosting specially tailored writing workshops or readings for students at the elementary, middle and high school levels and by publishing an annual anthology of student writing in partnership with the Northern Virginia Writing Project and Dominion.

• Makes literature fun by showcasing literary events in an active, engaging atmosphere that includes skits, dance, storytelling and more, and by introducing young people to living authors whose work they're reading in the classroom.

• Connects readers and authors at all levels, offering book lovers the chance to meet and greet their favorite writers and hear behind-the-scenes stories of writing and publishing.

• Builds community by connecting with senior centers, book clubs, special interest community groups, libraries, bookstores and many others.

• Encourages cultural diversity by combining common points of cultural reference with forums for discussion of our shared stories.

• Gives sponsors a chance to support regional programs, and attracts the broadest possible cross-section of families and individuals throughout the area.

• Fall for the Book, an IRS-recognized non-profit corporation, is governed by a board of directors that meets throughout the year.

On Monday, September 22, Friends of Reston Library, Inc. are sponsoring Espionage Expert Fred Hitz.

Espionage Expert Fred Hitz
When: Mon, Sep 22, 3pm – 4pm
Where: Grand Tier III, Center for the Arts, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA (map)
Description: The first statutory inspector general of the CIA offers an insider’s perspective of espionage today through his books The Great Game: the Myth and Reality of Espionage and Why Spy? Espionage in an Era of Uncertainty. Sponsored by the Friends of the Reston Regional Library.

For more information about the Festival or Mr. Hitz, go to their website: http://www.fallforthebook.org/


Japan, anyone?

These are just four of the books about Japan or Japanese art that we have available for sale.

The Art of Netsuke Carving / Masatoshi & Bushell / Kodansha America / copyr 1981 / 1st ed / hard cover in slipcase / spine faded / slipcase shows minimal scuffing, no dents or tears / printed in Japan / book appears as unread $40

Japanese Gardens / Irmtraud Schaarschmidt-Richter / William Morrow / copyr 1979 / hard cover / dj corner clipped, slightly worn edges / top edges lightly age speckled / printed in Switzerland $25

For the other two, you'll just have to come to the sale to find out more! September 26-28, 2008 at Reston Regional Library.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Edition Terry Brooks : The Elfstones of Shannara

What makes a book valuable? It's a very subjective area. Some people collect a particular genre (example: science fiction). Some people collect old books. Some people want to put their money in books that are unusual by size, shape or some other distinguishing feature. Because it is very subjective, it is difficult to develop objective standards. However, book appraisers and resellers have developed certain descriptions that convey information. One of those objective descriptions for a book is "First Edition."

There's a good article on Wikipedia that goes through the ups and downs of adjudging "First Editions." You can see it by following this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_edition

At Friends of the Reston Regional Library, we try very hard to identify first editions for customers and to price them accordingly. You will rarely find them priced below what we sell them for, but please understand we have a fiduciary duty to price them close to what the market will bear. For you treasure hunters, we miss some. They are likely on our sales floor during the sale. That alone makes the sale an attractive place to be 26-28 September!

Here is a First Edition we caught when it was donated. The Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brooks was published by Ballantine Books (Del Rey) in 1982. This is a 1st edition, 1st printing with a trade edition hard cover. The unclipped dust jacket is now in mylar. The book has a red remainder mark on the top edge and appears unread. This book is SCARCE. Contact us for a price.

If you are interested in this book, or any other item featured in our blog, please contact us at restonfriendspr@gmail.com We'll be happy to mark it "SOLD" for you prior to the sale if you're a member. If you're not, it will not be yours until 26 September -- but we'll be happy to sell you a membership prior to that date if you want the book NOW!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Really Little, Really Big

The very small dictionary shown here is not only cute, it's useful! Do you know a student struggling with French? Or one whose backpack is already full? Maybe the size of this tiny volume will bring a smile to their face! This is just one sample of the ephemera we'll have at the Used Book Sale, September 26-28, at Reston Regional Library. For first choices, renew your membership and come on Friends Night, September 25 from 6-8:30 (or purchase a new membership that evening).

Ephemera (noun): items designed to last only for a short time, such as programs or posters

From small to large. They don't call this an Elephant Folio for nothing! From the Audubon Society, Audubon’s Birds of America by Roger Tory Peterson & Virginia Marie Peterson is published by Artabras. It is truly enormous -- the ultimate coffee table book for bird lovers. You could add legs and MAKE it into the coffee table! It is copyright 1981, published 1985. The trade-off for it being so big and heavy is that the paintings inside are beautiful and visible. The reader can discern every feather. It is for sale at $50.

Remember, if you're interested in anything you see here, e-mail us at RestonFriendspr@gmail.com. If your membership is current, we'll tag the item 'sold' with your name on it. If not, you'll need to renew, purchase a membership, or wait until 26 September and see if it is still available.

See you at the sale!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Extremely Rare Kennedy Photo Ad

If you are a Kennedy collector, or know someone who is, this is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. John F. Kennedy, while president, posed for an advertising photo to be used in Life Magazine. The ad appeared only in a regional run, not the national magazine.

The details: Life Magazine / vol. 51, no. 25 / issue dated Dec 22, 1961 / ad spread on behalf of “magazines” appears bound between numbered pages 158 and 159 / magazine cover shows wear / ad spread is clean, bright / scarce since the ad does not appear in the national edition

Please e-mail us at restonfriendspr@gmail.com if you are interested in viewing or purchasing the magazine.

All items featured on this blog have been donated by our wonderfully supportive local community. All proceeds from sales go to support Reston Regional Library and other Fairfax County library programs. All of the people that run the Friends of Reston Regional Library, including the booksale chair, are volunteers. We do this because we love to connect great donations with new owners -- and benefit the library to boot.

Please support us by visiting our Semi-Annual Used Book Sale, September 26-28. Friends night is on September 25 from 6-8:30 p.m. You may purchase or renew your membership at the door.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

MIT Anyone?

Do you have a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology among your loved ones? Someone for whom it is difficult to purchase just the right gift? Or how about a young person who began there this fall and is wondering whether he or she made the right decision? This could be the perfect gift for that brainy person!

A National Landmark: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was privately published by Stone & Webster Inc. in 1920. It is a photographic essay with text, featuring the buildings and labs of MIT including the Grand Court with its iconic dome. The interior of the book is clean and bright. There are no marks of possession on it. It is scarce which is what makes it such a great gift! They won't get three of these for Christmas!

Reston Friends price $30.00 If you're interested, contact us at Restonfriendspr@gmail.com

And don't miss the book sale! September 26-28, 2009. Friends Night (membership required) September 25. You can purchase a membership at the door.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Rare and Interesting

These aren't the prettiest books, but they each have an attraction for just the right buyer.

The first is an advance readers copy of Redwall, the phenomenally popular childrens' book by Brian Jacques. Jacques originally wrote his stories to be performed on BBC radio so his descriptions and characterizations are masterful. There was even an animated movie/TV series made from Redwall that featured Martin the Warrior. This is an amazing copy, viewing and price upon request.

The second book, The Subtle Knife, is an uncorrected proof of this very popular tale. The second volume in "His Dark Materials" trilogy by Philip Pullman, the book encompasses danger, intrigue, magic, invisibility . . . again, please contact us for a viewing and price.

Remember, you can contact us about any of the books you see on our blog at restonfriendspr@gmail. Or you can wait until the sale. What you don't want to do is to miss the sale! These are just a taste of what is available Friday through Sunday, September 26-28. Of course, if you want first glance, especially of these jewels, join the Friends and attend Friends Preview Night on Thursday, September 25, 6-8:30 p.m. You can join that night.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Exquisite Alice

This book is absolutely breathtaking! This Alice in Wonderland, published by Bancroft & Co (London), is an early hard cover pop-up (Maybe 1960? It is undated). The illustrated boards have the original plastic window in die-cut front cover. One double-page spread features pop-up of tea party house. A second double-page spread features two rows of pop-up playing cards with both rows intact. All pop-ups are printed in four color on both sides. The front cover board shows damage and the board edges and corners are worn through, but this book is scarce and beautiful.

Truly for the serious collector. You'll need to e-mail us to ask the price or arrange to see it.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Special books

Here is a list of the books we've been able to identify as special in one way or another - enjoy browsing!

Read this document on Scribd: sale fall08 toplist 080907

Extra Special Books for Sale

Here are three views of La Maison Hantee. By Jan Pienkowski, this pop-up edition is in French. All elements are in working order. It will sell for $25 at the book sale.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Beautiful Books, Locally Available

Some of our most beautiful books have 'come in from the cold' of the Amazon website for the upcoming Semi-Annual Used Book Sale. (Actually the heat -- our site really SELLS!) And although our Amazon storefront is more successful than we ever imagined it might be, we do believe that our local buyers are our mainstay, and we want to give you the benefit of being able to purchase these books during the book sale.

In fact, we like you so much that you get them at a lower price than on Amazon! We'll be posting some prices in the next few days. In the meantime, take a look at these beauties. See something you like? E-mail us at restonfriendspr@gmail.com

The books:

Spectacular: The Story of Epic Films. Oversized with Spiral Binding. By Castle Books (1974)

The Rhine: From Its Source to the Sea. Two volumes. Absolutely exquisite bindings. The ultimate gift for a lover of European history!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: An Authorized Book. Published in conjunction with the first release of the classic Disney movie. This paperback is about the size of a classic child's coloring book, but it's no coloring book! It is in beautiful condition, a paperback from 1938. This is the perfect holiday gift for a Disney collector!


Photos by D. Strevey

Friday, September 5, 2008

Urp! We're Stuffed!

Thank you
for all of the donations, but we're stuffed! Our shed has overflowed (picture 2) to a generous Friend's storage unit. Our sorting hallway (picture 1) has only a few shelves with room left on them. And our 'behind the back door' storage is chock full of books on tape, CD's, and DVD's.

So, PLEASE, no more donations until October 4.

The good news about our over-stuffed status is that all of the boxes equate to lots and lots and lots of books coming out on the floor during the book sale. We'll keep rolling the boxes out, hour by hour, day by day!

So shop early and shop often! Bring your checks, cash or ATM card (there's a machine at the library). We don't take credit cards.

September 25-28, 2008

Thursday, Friends Night, 6-8:30 p.m.
Friday, General Public, 10-5
Saturday, General Public, 10-4
Sunday, General Public, noon-3:30

All photos by D. Strevey