Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The amazing volunteers of the Friends of Reston Regional Library came through again for the Semi-Annual Book Sale.

Pre-set up, set-up, during the sale, close-down and clean-up could not have happened without the diligent, cheerful assistance of many, many hands.  This photo captures most of those who worked during set-up.  It isn't everyone though -- some were elsewhere in the building, and some volunteers come for the sale or for close-down and so weren't captured here.  The whole set-up ballet is coordinated by Charly, for whom we are eternally grateful.  It is amazing how much she remembers from sale to sale, not just the standard things, but the little 'tweaks' that each sale requires.

This photo (and the ones yesterday) were by Lee Phan.   Thank you Lee and thank you to EVERYONE else!


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