Thursday, October 9, 2008

Friends Choice Awards

Tuesday evening, October 7, 2008, several members of our Used Book Sale team were honored by the FCPL system and the Fairfax County Library Foundation.  The Friends Choice Awards were developed in order to give Friends groups a way to recognize people who are integral to the group’s success.  (A different award from the county Star awards which rely on accrued service hours -- the Friends Choice volunteers might not accrue enough hours for the Star award, yet are vital to the Friends' groups.)

The 2008 winners from the Friends of Reston Regional Library, Inc.  (Drum roll, please)  

Ron Cinal -- Ron is a long-time faithful volunteer for the semi-annual booksales.  Ron shows up to help from the first moment of set up and doesn't rest until the last box is closed on Sunday afternoon.  He is hard working and cheerful and helps wherever needed.  His favorite line is, “I know what I’m doing . . . I just don’t do it very well.”  We think otherwise!

Lorraine Kleinwaks -- Lorraine is our special eagle-eye in the sales room as we're setting up and as each box is opened during the sale.  Lorraine has an uncanny eye for books that will stand a higher price.  Numerous times Lorraine has identified books that once checked, we were able to price at least double if not four or five times the standard $1.50 hardback price.  Her knowledge of the subject area she sets up is encyclopedic, and her attention to detail makes the area inviting.  Lorraine is also responsible for the concept of 'gifty books' we employ during the sale.  She helps identify them, display them, and even suggests them as customers walk by.  She has even been known to act as a personal shopper on occasion, helping customers locate books they didn't know they would want!

Charles and Barbara Szczepanski joined our team in Fall, 2002.  Chuck and Barbara have faithfully come to work almost every semi-annual booksale for the last 10 years.  The last several years they have worked as a team of runners making sure the books selected by customers from the Specials room meet the customer at the check out.  Their diligence in this has helped us to account for each and every book sold from our Specials collection, yielding valuable information for our internal accounting practices.

Mary Ann Braunstein -- Mary Ann is our resident cheerleader.  A true ambassador of good will for the Reston Regional Friends group, Mary Ann can defuse the ire of the most impatient customer.  Her service in connection with our Specials room is invaluable as she chats with the customers and makes them feel good  about buying higher priced books.  Between the semi-annual book sales Mary Ann volunteers her time helping to mylar, price, bump, move and sort books.

ALL of our volunteers are special and it is nice to have the opportunity to honor some who have been so faithful, for so long!

All photos by Darlene.


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