Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ready, Set, READ

To continue from yesterday, here are photos of the murals in the "Ready to Read" Center in the Childrens' area of Reston Regional Library.  The blogger wasn't aware until late yesterday that a different artist painted the murals (although it is apparent from their styles!).  To make up for the error, the blogger is posting photos of ALL of the murals in the Center!

Jeff Lonnette is a tremendously gifted local artist (and an art teacher in the Fairfax County Public School System).  The longer you gaze at these, the more you see the characters of childhood stories that he cleverly captured.  Children can come in here and see old friends like Red Riding Hood, the Old Woman in the Shoe, the Mouse and the Lion, and others. 

Mr. Lonnett has a website you can visit. Additionally, FCPS will be exhibiting his work along with other teacher/artists from November 3-15 at the Ernst Cultural Center at the Annandale Campus of Northern Virginia Community College. 

This last photo shows how we protect the murals when we use the room as our 'staging area' for the Semi-Annual Book Sales.  You can tell this is late in the sale because the walls are visible. When we start, the boxes are piled high!

We hope you and your children enjoy the work the Friends of Reston Library do in order to make the Childrens' area inviting.  If you'd like more information about either artist, please ask at the Childrens' help desk.

Photos by Darlene


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