Thursday, October 30, 2008

Self-Improvement Is Affordable

We often receive donations of "The Teaching Company" courses which encompass a wide variety of subjects. These courses are extremely expensive at full retail but a bargain if you purchase them through the Friends of Reston Regional Library.

Chaos, taught by Professor Steven Strognatz, is a series of 24 lectures on 4 DVD's.  It thoroughly explores this fascinating field of study, from the history of the theory to the modern applications in science and philosophy. From the butterfly's wing to the way waves break on shores, chaos theory gives scientists, philosophers, and other thinkers a glimpse into the complexity of the interrelationships in our physical world. The full retail on this series is $245.  Our price on our Amazon1 storefront (top of the column) is $60.

Remember, current Friends of the Library can contact us to purchase these books directly, saving on shipping, by e-mailing us at


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