Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Source

There are lots of ways to celebrate the holidays in a less expensive fashion this year. Here are three from the Friends of Reston Regional Library:

1.  Visit our Amazon sites. We named them (oh so creatively) Amazon1 and Amazon2.  It is there that we sell some of our more 'niche' or expensive books. These are books that might go unsold or unnoticed at the Semi-Annual Used Book Sale. On rare occasions when you visit the sites, one of them may be inactive for a day or two. That is to allow our volunteers who run them to visit grandchildren, take a vacation, have a life, etc. It only lasts a short while, so check back. If you find something there that appeals, and you're a current member, we can save you the shipping. Contact us!

2.  Come to the Holiday Mini-Sale. December 3-8 during regular library hours in the New Books Section of the library.

3.  The Mark Twain 29 volume set is still available for $150. This is a beautiful set, truly of gift-giving quality. Contact us!

We are always interested in volunteers who have special gifts and talents who'd like to share them with us, and we love new members! If you have some time in your schedule to promote literacy, and make a difference in your community, we'd love to be on your list of worthy places to spend your time and talents.  Contact us!


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Mike K. said...

We always go to the Holiday sale and we always find great gifts for ourselves and our friends. This sale is perfect for finding a most thoughtful gift without breaking the bank.