Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back in Time

In 1976, when this blogger was a young high school student, several "tall ships" visited Washington, D.C. for a short port of call before they headed to New York for the Bicentennial Celebration.  On our way to Maryland for an appointment, our family car got stuck about 3 cars back from the Wilson bridge as it opened to let the ship pass.  That day, everyone on the beltway within viewing range got out of their cars and stood absolutely enraptured at the sight of the Christian Radich of Norway majestically proceeding up the Potomac.  For once, everyone on the shores rejoiced at the inconvenience of the drawbridge opening as we shared something special and almost magical.

This book, Tall Ships, captures the magic and beauty of these tall ships.  The photographs and text are enlightening, but more than that, they draw the reader into this often challenging world of pitting sail against the elements of nature.  This book is still shrink-wrapped and available for $16 at Amazon1.

This book's title is thus: A description of Virginia House in Henrico County, near Richmond, Virginia,: The home of Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Wilbourne Weddell : together with an account ... the exterior and the surrounding gardens.  Virginia House is administered by the Virginia Historical Society.  It was originally part of a building in England, the origins of which dated back to 1109.  It was the site of historical events in the mid-1600's and at one point was the site of a visit of Elizabeth I.  By the 1920's though, the house was up for a demolition sale.  The Weddells bought it and part of it rebuilt in Richmond.  Today the house and gardens are open for tours.  The book is available for $150 at Amazon1.

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