Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting in the Spirit!

Why visit the Friends of Reston Regional Library Holiday Mini-Sale? To celebrate savings! Our volunteers have spent hours selecting, examining, and categorizing gift-quality donated books in order to provide our supporters with the best choices for this annual mini-sale. Patrons from past years can verify that the sale is worth visiting! You might just be able to finish your list in plenty of time for Hanukkah (December 21) or Christmas (December 25)!

There will be a limit on how many books any one patron can purchase during the first four hours of the sale. This is the only fair way to allow all patrons the opportunity to shop.

The sale will be held in the "New Books" area of the library, during regular library hours, December 3-8. Our faithful and diligent cashier, Vicki, will be on hand to take your check or cash. This would be a GREAT time to purchase a gift membership for someone you know who LOVES books. A regular membership is only $15 and allows the recipient to enter the Semi-Annual Book Sale the first night of the BIG sales (traditionally, Thursday) in April and September. Vicki will also be happy to receive any tax-deductible contributions you'd like to make to support the Friends in our effort to make your library a welcoming, well-provisioned place to read, study, meet friends, and enjoy BOOKS!

If you have questions about the mini-sale, membership, or the Friends, please contact us.


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