Friday, November 14, 2008

Listen Up!

In these days of economic uncertainty, you need every bit of advice you can get! So strap on one of these audiobooks for your commute and listen up!

Grow Your Money gets high marks from reviewers, both ordinary people and those who claim to know something about finance. If you want a "back to basics" treatment or a gift for a novice, this is the book to get. Young college students will really benefit from this as they prepare to face a financial world that is a whole lot scarier than the one they grew up in. It's $16 on our Amazon1 site. It is unabridged.

Buffettology is read by Mary Buffett (former daughter-in-law to Warren). She is also the author of this compilation of information about how Warren invests. Available on our Amazon1 site for $14. It is abridged.  This book also gets good reviews, even in the abridged version. Ahh...if we all could only be as savvy as Warren, right?

Keep watching next week for more finance/investing books on CD to be featured here. Or go straight to our Amazon1 site to see what's there before they sell!


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