Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cruisin' Along

Today is the last day of 2008!  One last chance to peruse the offerings of the Friends of Reston Regional Library on Amazon1  and Amazon2. You never know what you might find there; we receive some truly interesting donations! Try to fathom the connection between these books!

Another von Daniken book starts the line-up. The Gods From Outer Space: The War of the Chariots is part of a series culled from his major works. A paperback, this rare copy has a manufacturing flaw in which the cover was cut slightly shorter than several of the pages. Its condition appears to be little used, and due to rarity, it is offered at Amazon1 for $75.

If you have a young man in your life who loves all things mechanical and motor-driven, but dislikes reading, this is the perfect book to get him to understand the value of reading. How to Build A Hot Tuner Car is a great how-to book by Scott Smith. It covers everything from the budget to parts to the show floor.  A paperback, at $15 this is a great deal on Amazon1. It has a slight bump at the lower right hand front corner -- but by the time your young man is finished with it, it will be covered in motor grease anyway, right?

Necessity may dictate more 'at-home' car repairs in 2009 so why not repair and upgrade at the same time? The modifications detailed in this book, Honda Engine Swaps, can turn a regular street car into an enhanced performance machine worthy of fellow enthusiasts' admiration. Described as a 'must-have' book for Honda lovers, this is $18 at Amazon1 .

If you think you know the connection between these books, e-mail us! If you would like to join a group of enthusiastic lovers of books,  e-mail us! If you would just like to comment or make a suggestion,  e-mail us! We'd love to hear from you.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Learn Something New

Let's face it -- some of us may have more time on our hands in the coming year than we had anticipated. In the midst of a job search, why not take this as an opportunity to learn something new? Several books available from Amazon1 might help you launch the creative "inner" you!

Courses: A Culinary Journey by Princess Cruises will take you away with presentation, flavors and memories of the last ocean cruise you enjoyed. And if you haven't been on one, this will help you dream! $13.50 at Amazon1. Slight shelf-wear on the dust jacket, especially on the spine, but appears to have never been used.

The Essential French Cookbook is published by Courage...isn't that humorous? According to reviews though, this book is a true help to those attempting to replicate famous French recipes. The copy we have available at Amazon1 shows very slight shelf-wear on the dust jacket, but appears to never have been used. It's yours for $14.50.

Martha Stewart's Hors d'Oeuvres cookbook is a classic. Published in 1985, it's worth looking at just to see what Martha looked like then! Inside are recipes that are accessible for any level of cook. If your deviled eggs are a little tired, this might be the book to get you invited back to classy events! On Amazon1 for $35 (and includes Martha Stewart's Conversion Card - a laminated measurement conversion helper).

Jane Grigson was an Englishwoman who was famed for her cookbooks featuring foods available in Britain and on the Continent. She wrote for the Observer magazine, and that's where this cookbook, European Cookery, comes from. A trust established in her name carries on her work of educating the public in all things connected with good food. You can advance your knowledge of this area by purchasing this book at Amazon1 for $22.

All books and materials the Friends of the Library offer for sale are donations to the library not needed for the collection. All proceeds from sales benefit the Reston Regional Library specifically, and the Fairfax County Library system generally. The Friends group is an active, energetic, and fun group of people who love books and love our library. If this description fits you, and you're not a member yet, contact us to become one. We'd love to have you!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Is There a Connection?

 Erich von Daniken is a well known author whose most long-lasting impact is due to his claims of proof that aliens visited the Earth in pre-history, leaving their marks of technology upon its surfaces.
The Gods From Outer Space: Atlantis, Men and Monsters, is part of a series that was published in an attempt to make Von Daniken's ideas more accessible. It was published by Methuen in 1979, and appears to be unused. There is slight shelf-wear and a price sticker on the back, but otherwise a bright, clean copy. $85 at our Amazon1 site.

The Essential Fromm: Life Between Having and Being synthesizes Fromm's work in a format that makes it a good introduction for the interested psychology student. This topic, how to live more fully where we are, rather than where we think we might be if we acquired more, is particularly pertinent as we look ahead to a year in which our priorities will be tested. $13 at our Amazon1 site.

While you're at our Amazon1 site, check out the Thinker's Guides.  There are several books from a series which focus on how to read, write and think critically. It is a perfect selection for anyone seeking to improve their communication skills.

Current Friends can purchase either or both of these books directly from us by e-mailing us. You'll save shipping! If you'd like to become a current Friend, select the bar on the right that says "Membership Brochure".

All materials for sale through this blog, our book sales, and our Amazon sites are donations to the library not needed for the collection. Without your donations, we could not run these sales, and could not assist the library with programs. So THANK YOU!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A New Language

Did you know that the Reston Regional Library is a hub of activity when it comes to learning English?  There is tutoring going on, there are English classes being taught, and there are conversation opportunities.  Near the front entrance is an entire section devoted to helping ESL and ESOL students succeed, and a bulletin board that advertises a range of class opportunities. Although the library staff do not teach any of the classes themselves, they are happy to assist patrons in finding the right class and/or resources for their ESOL/ESL needs.

The books featured today are from a series developed for adult learners of English.  Although they are dated, they are very useful for today's student of English.

Except for an occasional word or phrase underlined, The Silver Elephant appears to be unused.  The exercises have not been completed. This is the 8th printing, 1970, and shows mild shelf-wear on the cover.  It is $18 at Amazon1.

Stories to Surprise You is from the same series.  It also appears to be unused and the exercises have not been completed.  It is the 6th printing, 1970, and shows mild shelf-wear.  It is also $18 at  Amazon1.

There is a third book in the series available, The Island of Truth. Like The Silver Elephant, it has an occasional word or phrase underlined, yet the exercises have not been completed.  It, too, is $18 at  Amazon1.

Why not give start 2009 out right for someone you know by helping him or her begin English lessons? It is the kind of gift that will enrich a lifetime.

There are some interesting books at Amazon2  currently. Some of the titles are: Wings of the Black Cross ($17.93), The Agile Rabbit Book of Historic and Curious Maps ($13.74), and Biological Treatments for Autism and ADD ($25.93). 

The books we sell at  Amazon1 and Amazon2 are not needed for the collection. They are all donations, processed by volunteers, and offered to the general public. They are also available locally to current Friends, saving shipping. If you have questions about any of the books in this blog, or becoming a Friend of Reston Regional Library, contact us!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let There Be Music!

Let there be music! We have a wide variety today of formats and styles. The classic music of Fiddler on the Roof is performed by Ferrante & Teicher on this LP album. Available at Amazon1 for $12.00.

Classical Masterpieces is the headline for this
recording of Brahms Symphony No. 4. Available for $12.25 at Amazon1 on CD. Conducted by Kent Nagano.

Need a little romance? An Audio CD from Ray, Goodman & Brown will provide the perfect atmosphere you need for your New Year's Eve dancing. There are 18 tracks on this CD, available from Amazon1  for $17.50.

And to round out your diverse listening pleasure, how about an LP recording of a Tattoo at Wolf Trap? It's still shrinkwrapped and available for $20 at Amazon1 .

And if you're thinking, "no one has turntables anymore", there's a gadget out that you can get from Bed, Bath &  Beyond that allows you to listen to your old LP's on your computer.  It is called an Ion® USB Turntable with Line Output.  Ah, if I'd only held onto my Jackson 5 and Bobby Sherman LP's...


Monday, December 22, 2008

Access Approved

One of the areas in which Friends of Reston Regional Library invest the money we raise is a branch of the Fairfax County Public Library called Access Services. Located in the Fairfax County Government Center, it is a branch of the library with a very special mission.  It exists to remove barriers to library services for people with disabilities. Their services include providing opportunities to learn about assistive technology and equipment, providing books in alternative formats to people with vision impairments and delivering books to readers who cannot visit a local library. 

One of the difficulties for Access Services is that the equipment they need in order to provide true access is expensive. Although they have a Friends group, it is not as financially robust as the Reston Friends, so our board has been pleased over the years to help this branch help other patrons. To that end, Friends of Reston Regional Library (which means YOU though your donations) have purchased both a Juliet Pro Braille Embosser and a new auto-reader system called “myReader2.” 

A Braille Embosser is the equivalent to an ink printer for a visually impaired person. The print, translated into Braille, makes raised dots on the paper.  FRRL purchased this in 2006.

The auto-reader system was purchased this past spring (2008).  The product is similar to a CCTV print magnifier but there is no need to manipulate one’s original while reading the text. When the desired image is captured, the text can be displayed and read in a column or a row or appear one word at a time, whatever best fits the comfort level of the user. Up to 10 pages of copy can be stored at one time and the text can be advanced automatically.

A big part of Access Services' mission is to identify patrons who might benefit from their collection. If you know someone who might fall into this category, or who has given up reading because of vision difficulties, why not get them connected with the fine folks at Access Services? You can e-mail them or call them at 703-324-8380.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Scenes

On Sunday December 8 at the Reston Regional Library, branch manager Nadia Taran hosted a Holiday Open House. Patrons were treated to snacks, a puppet show, live music, and the last full day of the Holiday Used Book Sale. To use an old saying, "a good time was had by all." Here is the evidence.

Friday, December 19, 2008

NOT A Beauty Contest

The books featured today won't win any beauty contests, but they may be just what a particular reader needs!

Greek Philosophical Terms: A Historical Legacy is a classic for those studying Greek or philosophy.  The reader reviews on Amazon call it "essential" and "useable." The copy the Friends has for sale has had little or no use and has only slight shelfwear on the dust jacket.  It is $36 at Amazon1.

Why don't you pair the Greek Philosophy Terms book with a Teaching Company Course on Greek Philosophy? (Not pictured) The 24 lectures on 12 audiocassettes are packaged in the original cases and include the course guidebooks. To listen to these, accompanied by the book above, would take a 'somewhat generally informed' person to a 'able to discuss Greek philosophy' at length person. What a thoughtful and excellent gift for a young person with an inquiring mind. The Course is available for $48 at Amazon1.

Commitment: The Dynamic of Strategy is written by Harvard Business School's Pankaj Ghamawat. For the serious student of strategy, this book is billed as a guide and stimulus to business executives faced with serious advertising, capital expenditure, or product launch/
development issues. Not for the fainthearted, this book is available at Amazon1 for $22 in like new condition.

Taylor Caldwell's The Devil's Advocate is a classic written in 1952. A fictional picture of an America which slowly, almost imperceptibly, turns from freedom to a communist state, it is a chilling read. Reviewers are not ambivalent about this book! This book is out of print, so our copy, a hardcover which shows some shelf-wear and is missing its dust jacket, is $32 on Amazon1.

All books we sell on Amazon or at our local used book sales are donations to the library not needed for the collection.  The proceeds from all sales stay in our community, helping to fund programs for the Reston Regional Library specifically, and often help other libraries in Fairfax County as well. If you have questions about donations, programs, or how to get involved, e-mail us!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bragging Rights and Getting it Wright

Sir William Lawrence Bragg and his father Sir William Henry Bragg are the only father-son team to ever share the Nobel prize.  Awarded it for physics in 1915, this father-son team pioneered the early application work in X-ray crystallography.  Sir Lawrence later headed the Cavendish laboratory providing crucial support for the team of Crick and Watson who discovered the structure of DNA.  The Development of X-ray Analysis by Lawrence Bragg is a classic for people who work in the field and would make an excellent gift for a scientist of any age. It is $60 at Amazon1. It is like new, and may have never been used. The dust jacket is slightly tattered along the upper edge.

We are fortunate to have a Frank Lloyd Wright book on glass available to you. This volume shows the ways in which Wright used glass to accent and highlight his furniture and architectural design. Truly stunning photographs will inspire the most timid of decorators. The book appears to be unused and unread. There is slight shelf-wear on the dust jacket, but no tatters or tears. It is $28 at Amazon1. Wright books don't last long - hurry!

You will notice the look of the blog changing a bit as we experiment with new ideas. Friends of Reston Regional Library has recently entered into a collaborative effort with the Business & IT Department at South Lakes High School in order to work with their talented young people who will help us bring the blog into the 21st century! The content won't change much, but hopefully the look will improve. Watch this spot for details and let us know what you think via e-mail or comment!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Market Forces Meet Paradise

Wouldn't it be better to understand the market forces at play these days rather than to react to every bad news bulletin?By listening to this Teaching Company course, you will be better prepared to separate the sensationalists from the truthful. These audio CD's are narrated by Professor Timothy Taylor of the University of Minnesota. You might look at the publication date (2005) and think today's economy is completely different. However, that is the beauty of economics -- the BIG principles that guide the market stay the same, so something dated 2005 is still current on the underlying principles. Knowing that and understanding them may ease some of the late night worries. This course is available for $65 on our Amazon1 site.

Not equipped for that much realism? Then how about cooking up a meal from paradise? Chef Roy Yamaguchi will give you your hearts delight in wonderful Polynesian recipes. In the midst of winter, you will be able to turn on the Hawaiian music, hand out grass skirts, and impress your friends with your new found skills. This cookbook appears to be brand new, never used. The original price sticker is still on the back of the dust jacket. This would also be a great gift for a chef friend or a 'foodie.' It is available for $14 at our Amazon1 site. Aloha!

One more book: For friends who are really "into" the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, there is a book on our Amazon1 site that would be a perfect gift. Striving to keep the blog 'family-friendly' means we won't show the photo here, but you can see it by going to this link. It appears to be brand-new, never read. It is only $12.50 at the site.

As always, current Friends can get the books locally, without paying shipping, by contacting us by e-mail.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


From 20 December - 4 January, we will NOT be accepting donations at Reston Regional Library. Our sorters (volunteers) will be taking a holiday break.  Without the sorters sorting DAILY, the donations very quickly become unmanageable and create havoc for the staff and patrons trying to get into and out of the library. On January 5, we'll be happy to receive donations again and start issuing receipts for you! If you absolutely can't wait, please donate the books to another Friends group at another local library.

In other news, we have an opportunity for you to support FRRL while doing your holiday shopping. Barnes & Noble has agreed to donate a percentage of identified sales to the Friends Organization through January 18, 2009. All you have to do is mention the Friends number when you make a purchase at any Barnes & Noble store. You need to mention the number prior to your purchase. This is not limited to members of the Friends group - anyone can help us out! There is no additional cost to you. The number to mention is
Thank you for supporting local literacy programs through this additional fund raising opportunity.

Reigning Cats and Dogs by Katherine MacDonogh is a great gift book for animal lovers. The author takes a look at the place of royal pets in their households and even in their decision making processes. It's available for $25 at our Amazon1 site.

The Coward's Almanac is a funny book, also suitable for a gift. The book appears to be new, possibly unread. The dust jacket is corner clipped and shows some signs of aging, but is not tattered or torn. This book is available for $18 at our Amazon1 site.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Feels Like Summer

We're harkening back to the days of warmth and indoor library entertainment today. During the summer of 2008, the Friends of Reston Regional Library helped fund a program that brought Grey Seal Puppets to our library. Based in Charlotte, NC, this traveling troupe of puppeteers is well known, having graced the stage at the Smithsoninan's Discovery Theater, and even the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! For us, they put on a show that evoked laughter and joy to ring out filling the meeting rooms of our library. Children of all ages enjoyed this one!

Programs like these are the reason you donate, and we sort, price and sell books. We work together to help fund literacy programs in our own local community. As Fairfax County wrestles with how they wil close the budget gap, the Friends groups at each library will be even more important to help ensure that the high quality programs you've come to expect to be available will still be around. So thank you for doing your part by donating and volunteering.
Incidentally, if there are programs you'd like to see going on at Reston Regional Library, we'd love to hear your ideas! E-mail us at RestonFrie or comment below. We can't promise that we'll fund everything, but we do promise we'll read every suggestion and consider it.

Last minute holiday shopping? Don't forget to look at our Amazon1 and Amazon2 websites. You may find the perfect book for the difficult present recipient. We can help you make it happen. If you're a current Friend, we can even do it without you paying shipping (if you're picking it up locally). 

Photos by Alisha Isaac

Saturday, December 13, 2008

You Want Niche?

It is difficult to imagine more "niche" books than these.  

Renee Pudonovich is a poet, herbalist, and psychotherapist working in Colorado whose poetry regularly appears on her blog.  You can go there to find out more about her and her work. This volume shows little use.  Enclosed with the volume was a 3 page typescript poem, "Dream to Summer."  The volume and typescript is available at Amazon1 for $16.

Jaruzelski is certainly a controversial figure in Polish political history - he is the one who, shortly after his election to the position of Prime Minister in 1981. He continued as head of state in Poland until 1990. The Polish people continue to struggle with his legacy, how to interpret it and how to move beyond it. For someone examining Jaruzelski's lifework for research, historical biography or graduate school purposes, this book is a great resource.  It is in English and appears to never have been used.  It is $16 on our Amazon1 site.

Currently on our Amazon2 storefront, we have the Great Courses on "The Era of the Crusades." It is 18 Audio CD's and we're selling it for $94.97. This is a great bargain for someone who spends a lot of time in traffic!

These are just the tip of the iceberg at our Amazon1 and Amazon2 storefront sites. Stop by to see what else might trip your fancy!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Old Isn't Always Too Old

Old books aren't always pretty, but many of them are very interesting. The two highlighted today are cases in point. The Tender Stone is by a woman stone carver who was a WPA artist who actually lived in the Washington DC area.  Her book is written from the standpoint of the stone being carved by the artist. This would be an excellent gift, even in 'less than perfect' form, for an artist of any kind.  Uncle Perk's Jug would also make a unique, thoughtful gift. Again, it's not in perfect condition, but it has character and contains LOTS of characters, some of whom might look familiar to the hunter or fisherman in your life!

The Tender Stone is a difficult to find autobiography by sculptor Lenore Thomas Straus. This copy is number 51 of a limited edition of 650. It is signed by the author and shows little sign of having been read. The dust jacket has a missing wedge along the top edge, and other signs of wear. Thomas was famous for her sculptures that she did for the town of Greenbelt, Maryland.  She died in 1988. This book is available at Amazon1 for $14.

Uncle Perk's Jug: More Stories from the Lower Forty is a collection of short stories about a group of hunting and fishing friends, the Lower Forty Club. This would be a great gift for a hunter or fisherman. The text is tight and unmarked. The cover and dust jacket show minor moisture damage at the base of the spine.  DJ is now mylar-protected. The book is available for $32 at Amazon1.

All books we sell on Amazon1 and Amazon2 are donations not needed for the library's collection. All proceeds of sales go to support programs at Reston Regional Library as well as the Fairfax County Library System. Current Friends of Reston Regional Library can contact us to purchase these books directly, saving on shipping. Thank you for your support of literacy and community involvement!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Humor for All Ages

These two offerings are for children, but children of all ages. Understanding the Lewis Carroll books from a child's perspective is simply magical. As an adult, one appreciates Carroll's imagination at an entirely different level and can't help but see satire and caricatures of adult life. Similarly, the charm of Petit Nicolas is different viewing it through a child's perspective as opposed to adult. Rowan Atkinson once said that inside every 9-year old boy there is an anarchist. In the tradition of those anarchists like Dennis the Menace and Calvin, Nicolas deserves his place in child and adult humor.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. This is the Centennial edition. It is 2 volumes in a slipcase. The books appear to not have been read at all. The slip case is slightly soiled, but still very nice. This is $24 at our Amazon1 site.

Les Adventures du Petit Nicolas (Hardcover). The publication of Nicolas stories began in 1959, this FRENCH version from Macmillan Company is dated 1966. Flyleaf has been cut out, but pages are unmarked and tight. Some shelfwear, no dust jacket. There are some stampings that read "Foreign Language Department Resource Center" inside back cover and on one edge. Still, given all that, this is still a very good readable copy, for $15 aAmazon1.

Current Friends of Reston Regional Library can get either or both of these books without having to pay shipping by contacting us by e-mail


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eclectic Mix

The amazing thing about our community of donors is that you provide such great stuff for us to sell to benefit library programs. This really is the ultimate recycling program. It keeps stuff out of landfills, promotes literacy, and helps you reclaim space in your bookshelves. 

Today's offer is an eclectic mix.

The Bell Witch at Adams, signed by author Gladys H. Barr. Text is tight and unmarked; book shows little sign of having been used. DJ is rubbed at the edges and shows some shelf wear. $42 at Amazon1.

World's Greatest Music - Classic Love Songs from Alfred Publishing. Does not appear to have been used but cover shows some shelf wear. Contains 75 of the music to classic songs such as ""On the Wings of Love" and "Baby, I Love Your Way."  $22 at Amazon1.

A Maryland Albumn: Quiltmaking Traditions is in like new condition -- it even has a price sticker from the Museum shop on the back cover! The DJ has minimum shelf wear. The authors document the Maryland Association for Family and Community Education's effort to document classic quilts. It has full color illustrations. This is a great holiday gift for your favorite quilter! It sells for $78 at Amazon1.

And just in case those weren't eclectic enough, we also have three Yale Alumni Directories (1990, 1995, 2000) on Amazon1 for various prices. They all have blue covers, so we didn't post photos, but it's the info you want anyway, right?

Current Friends members can get these books, or any book we have posted at Amazon1 or Amazon2 without paying shipping by contacting us via e-mail.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Three at Sixteen Each

The Holiday Mini-Sale is over. Thank you to patrons for the wonderful support! We're ready to go back to directing your attention to truly unique finds that we have posted at our Amazon storefront.

Evolving European Defense Policies by Catherine Kelleher seems to be the kind of book that someone working on a graduate degree in defense studies might need. Truly a niche book, it might just be the missing link for research purposes. We have it for $16 on our Amazon1 site.

Europe's Future, edited by Stephen J. Flanagan, ties in directly with the book above, or each can stand alone. This is also $16 on our Amazon1 site.

And for something different, try this one at $16 at Amazon1, City of Stone: The Hidden History of Jerusalem.  Written by a former deputy mayor of the city, the book explores the social, political and historical twists that make this city so unique to Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Current Friends can get these books locally, saving on the shipping costs. Not a Friend? That is easy to remedy. Click on the sidebar to go to a membership form.  Print, add a check, mail, and in no time, you'll be one of us! We can't wait to get you on board!

Current Friends should be watching their USPS mail for a special event at Barnes & Noble in Reston. More on that tomorrow.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Juggling Books and Life

As part of our continuing support for the Reston Regional Library, in July 2008 the Friends of Reston Regional Library underwrote a family program called "The Nicolo Whimsey Show."  The juggler was funny, engaging, and extremely talented.  Children of all ages enjoyed him.  As you can tell from the photos, it wasn't just a show to watch -- it was a show to DO!  You can hire Nicolo Whimsey for your own show by going to his website here.

We hope you enjoy these photos from the day. Maybe seeing the kids in shorts and t-shirts will make you feel warm on this very brisk day!

Photos by Alisha Isaac


Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like... should be on hand to see what's here! If you have a list of friends or family that you're purchasing gifts for this holiday season, bring it to Reston Regional Library during regular library hours and see if you can't find just the perfect gift! If books aren't their thing, check the display case! There is a variety of non-book items that make very nice gifts.

Book Sale Chair Charly says
 "Happy Holidays!"

While the Holiday Sale is going on, our Amazon1 and Amazon2 sites are still very active. They're easier to visit - just click on their highlighted names. On Amazon1 right now we have a plethora of "police officer" books.  These appear to be part of a professional collection that has been disbanded. Everything from martial arts for police officers to interview techniques. If you have a security officer of any kind in your family, this is worth checking out!

On Amazon2 we have two boxed sets of "The Legend of Drizzt" as well as "The Cream of Tank Girl". If those titles resonate with you, you might want to click Amazon2 to see them!

Remember, current Friends of Reston Regional Library can get these books exclusive of shipping. Just e-mail us.

Not a member? That's easy to remedy! Just click here to be taken to a membership form that you can fill out and mail in to us.

Hope to see you at the Holiday Sale! If you don't get there today, do not miss tomorrow -- at the same time you can enjoy the Holiday open house hosted by the Branch Manager, Nadia Taran, from 1-3 at the library. Come get into the mood of the season!

Photos by Darlene