Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Niche Topics Abound

We are well aware that this book is a niche topic book, but if YOU are the person who has been searching for a copy in order to finish a graduate degree, you are thrilled to find it at the RestonFriends storefront at Amazon. We call this storefront Amazon1 and it is where we market those books that are worth more cash than they would generate at one of our Semi-Annual Used book sales. These books are also unlikely to be seen to their best advantage at one of our big sales, so we use Amazon1 to match the specific niche book to the specific buyer.  So far, it has worked very well. Our Amazon sales have been amazing, and some of the books that were ones that "only a mother could love" surprised us most with how quickly they sold. This book is $35 at Amazon1.

In today's economic client, the most effective managers and the most likely to experience retention, are those who have multiple skills. Managing conflict is a HUGE asset for a manager, especially as work environments tighten up financially. This book is available for $15.94 at our Amazon1 site. Current Friends can e-mail us to get these books directly without paying shipping.

Don't forget! The Holiday Mini-Sale starts tomorrow! Don't give an ordinary gift in extraordinary times! In the New Books area of the Reston Regional Library, beginning at 10 a.m. December 3.

And please remember, all books for sale are donations that the library could not use in its collection, and all sale proceeds benefit Reston Regional Library specifically, and Fairfax County Public Library System generally. The Friends organization is a 501(c)(3) and all persons connected with our efforts are volunteers.


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