Friday, January 16, 2009


Under the headline "IMPROVING SKILLS", these books are natural partners. The Carpentry Trainee Guide (Level 4) is published by the National Center for Construction Education and Research. If it's the next step in your studies, get it at Amazon1 for $72.

There's also Plumbing Trainee Guide (Level 2) at Amazon1 for $24 (no photo). So no matter how you're trying to improve your skills, there's probably something there that will help.

Blueprint Reading for Construction is another useful book for those who are hands-on about their projects. It could be helpful whether you just want to know how your contractor is doing or whether you aspire to be a contractor. It 
includes schematics, math review, and all the necessary points to increase your level of proficiency in this area. It is $82 at Amazon1 -- still shrinkwrapped!  All books are donations to the library not needed for the collection.


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