Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hard Boiled Reading

Hard core detective fans will be thrilled to see these three first editions by Mickey Spillane available for sale.  The Snake, is the eighth book in the Mike Hammer series. In it Hammer investigates a thirty-year old murder and the reappearance of woman he loved (naturally) and thought was dead (naturally) seven years earlier.  This copy is  a clean and tight first edition.  The dust jacket has a small tear, top back edge, and shelf-wear.  The binding shows very minor wear at the spine and has a small white spot on the back cover. It is $32 at Amazon1.

Kiss Me, Deadly was Mike Hammer's 6th appearance. In it, Spillane has Hammer up against a Mafia conspiracy.  The movie made from this book departed sharply from the story, especially in its portrayal of Mike Hammer as a much darker, narcissistic character than Spillane drew him. Spillane was not happy with the movie. This copy, also a first edition, is clean and tight.  The cover shows very mild wear. The dust jacket has some tears and edge wear but is now protected by mylar. It is $32 at Amazon1.

The Deep is a Mickey Spillane departure from Mike Hammer.  The character, Deep, is called back to the old neighborhood to investigate the murder of a childhood friend who just happened to grow up to be a crime boss.  The people who like this book particularly like the surprise twist'll have to read it to find out what it is. This first edition is $20 at Amazon1.

All of the books offered here, at our semi-annual book sales, at our on-going sales, at our special sales (Mystery Sale coming up soon!) and on Amazon1 and Amazon2 are donations to the library not needed for the collection. We try to cull the gems and highlight them for you to purchase, but if you come to our on-site sales you will undoubtedly find something we missed! That works to your advantage!  And if the potential joy of finding a diamond in the rough isn't enough, we have very friendly workers, a great selection, high quality control, and superior prices. Come see us February 6-11 in the New Books area of Reston Regional Library and fill your mystery square!


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