Monday, February 23, 2009


If you've been to the Reston Regional Library in the last month or so, you may have noticed a new feature. The section of books immediately to the right of the circulation desk has become the "hold pick-up" area. Now when you place a book on hold, you may pick it up yourself. The shelves are alphabetical by last name. This new system frees up shelf space in the work area and frees up our circulation staff and librarians to help you in other ways. Of course, if you have any trouble finding your hold, the friendly, helpful staff members are available to assist.

Speaking of new things, isn't it about time that you learned something new? On Amazon1, we have a host of Teaching Company Great Courses publications on a variety of topics. Some are cassette, some are CDs, some are very recent, some are standing the test of time. Here is the list, but to get the details, you'll need to visit us at Amazon1. If you're a current Friend of the Library and would like to save shipping, e-mail us at or click HERE and we'll arrange a pick-up for you.

  • The Historical Jesus; $40
  • America and the New Global Economy; $65
  • How to Listen To and Understand Opera; $225
  • Change and Motion: Calculus Made Clear; $60
  • How to Read and Understand Poetry; $19
  • Roots of Human Behavior; $17
  • Utopia and Terror In the 20th Century; $26
  • Thomas Jefferson, American Visionary; $10
  • Physics In Your Life; $280
  • Legacies of Great Economists; $18
  • Philosophy of Religion; $100
  • Jewish Intellectual History, 16th-20th Century; $18
  • Liszt: His Life and Music; $22
  • The New Testament; $30
  • An Introduction to Greek Philosophy; $48
photo by Darlene

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