Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Sweets

The Friends' display case in between the doors at the Reston Regional Library is full of potential gifts! The top shelf has Valentine-themed books for sale. The next two shelves have more books culled to celebrate Black History month.

Some of you get frustrated during our BIG Semi-Annual sales (next one is April 23-26) at the number of people who attend. We understand that frustration, but there would be no point in going to all that trouble for only a few buyers! (Think of what has happened to some of the retailers lately who have not been able to generate traffic).  That said, we do like to take care of our local customers and reward your loyalty in between the big sales. Stocking this display case, and putting on the mini-sales (today is the last day of the mystery mini-sale) are a couple of the ways we do that. These books are selected for you (using timely themes) and they are priced to be affordable for you. So the next time you're in the library, check out the display case!

We Are Lincoln Men, $3.

Songs of Protest and Civil Rights, $3.50

Up From Bondage, $2

*Remember that books shown here may be gone quickly -- if you see something you're interested in, e-mail us immediately!


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