Saturday, March 28, 2009


About eighteen months ago, the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Library asked a young artist to design a logo for our Friends Group that we could use in a way that would help our group become instantly recognizable. She offered the Board several designs, and the logo at the top of this blog was the Board's choice.

The blogger recently caught up with the artist who is a member of Friends of the Reston Regional Library to see what is new with her.

Sarah Coffin is young, enthusiastic, and dedicated. When she did the logo work she was teaching art at a local private school. The kids loved her as she was game for participating in all manner of things -- even playing the 'thief' in one student's video production. But Sarah was missing having the time to dedicate to her own development in art so left that position this past winter.

Sarah reports, "I am really excited about looking into apprenticeships (which I have done before). A few days ago my mom (noted artist and potter Jennifer Coffin) and I decided that I would apprentice with her.
We have been working out what that would look like and how we will proceed. To be an apprentice, you aren't just sitting along side someone and making pottery with them. You have to learn to make their shapes and forms, you have to clean, make/reconstitute clay, make glazes, etc. I've done a short apprenticeship before and am looking forward to being able to spend my time in pottery again.  When I'm not working for my 'boss', I'll be working on how to combine my designs and drawings with pottery -- complimenting 3D forms with my love of line."

She adds, "eventually, my dream is to obtain a grant to go study in different potteries (traditional studios) around the world for a month or two months at a time.  I would be interested in seeing the different techniques other cultures use in the making of their pottery but more than that, I would love to see how their techniques and traditions dictate what sorts of forms they make and the varying aesthetics on the 3D form."

In addition to all of the artwork Sarah's been creating, she found time to win a triathalon in her age group last year. As we said above, dedication and enthusiasm are among her talents!

Sarah participated in a show in November 08. These are photos taken during the set-up and while they don't do justice to the actual pieces, they give you an idea of the range of Sarah's talent.  The piece to the right is a drawing over T.S. Eliot -- cool! If you are interested any of these pieces, feel free to e-mail us and we'll get you in contact with Sarah.

Finally, this last photo shows Sarah and her sister Rebecca, also a talented artist, and also a member of Friends of Reston Regional Library. Rebecca will be helping the Friends with our upcoming cookbook.

Sarah and Rebecca will both be at the upcoming Semi-Annual Used Book Sale and so should YOU! Here are the details!

Friday, April 24, 10-5; Saturday April 25, 10-4:30;
 Sunday April 26, 12-3:30


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Katy said...

I've known Sarah personally for years. her deep devotion to craft is tempered by an even deeper love of people and i think this unique combination is reflected in her art.

so glad to see this nice piece on her contribution to our art community!