Monday, March 9, 2009

Recycling With Purpose

Our HUGE Semi-Annual Used Book Sale is coming soon. Beginning Thursday, April 23, for members at Friends Night (memberships available for sale at the door), and continuing through Sunday the 26th, the Friends of Reston Regional Library will be performing the ultimate recycling -- turning your donations into cash, and providing our community with a wealth of reading material.

But that's not the only recycling on the block. AAA Recycling and Trash Removal Services, based in Fairfax, VA has recently offered its customers an opportunity to recycle with rewards. They've entered into a partnership with, a site at which customers can redeem 'points' that are based on the customer's recycling. Now, through a company called ActiveCause, RecycleBank and AAA help you turn your points into direct support for Friends of the Reston Regional Library.

If you're a AAA recycling customer, and you have one of the new blue recycling bins, once you activate your account, each time AAA empties your bin the weight will translate into points. You can go to, choose "Redeem Points", put in our zip code and voila -- our LOGO (the one at the top of this page).  Just click and donate to support Friends of Reston Regional Library!

So, recycle and recycle! By the way, the hours for the book sale are:

  • Friends Night, Thursday 23 April, 6-8:30
  • Friday 24 April, 10-5
  • Saturday 25 April, 10-4:30
  • Sunday 26 April, 12-3:30

We hope to see you there! For questions, comments, and suggestions, e-mail us!


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