Thursday, April 23, 2009


You're out of time! Tonight is the night to be a Friend of the Library at Reston Regional. At 6 p.m. we'll open the doors to our book-loving Friends so they can purchase the first choice, first displayed books. The catch is that you must be a current Friend of Reston Regional Library to take advantage of this night. At this point, you'll need to come in person to purchase or renew your membership. The cost is minimal, but the pay-off is great!

For what reason should you become a member? Well, we have several thousand reasons displayed right now and first dibs on those is worth the membership cost. Additionally, being a member helps your community, contributes to improved literacy, and just feels good. If you become a member at a higher level of donation, you even get premiums!

Some ground rules for the sale:

1. Although we open the doors at 6, we will be set-up to check people in an hour before that. Our volunteers will be doing last minute prep. Many have already been working for several days and will continue to work for the next several days, so be kind to them.
2. Children's books are limited to 30 books per day per household. As noted before, this is one of the most popular categories, and proportionately, one of the least donated in a condition good enough to sell.
3. Have fun. If you come to the sale with the attitude of pleasant anticipation, you are far more likely to find something you'll enjoy purchasing.
4. Don't miss these unique shopping locations:
    a. Specials Room! It's in the back left hand corner of the main sales room and it's full of treasures.
    b. Ephemera -- on the table next to the Specials Room doorway. Lots of interesting book-related things that aren't necessarily books!
   c.  Gifty books -- in the literature section in the front of the room -- the northwest corner.
   d.  Sets -- in the hallway. Do not break the sets up! That makes them ... NOT sets!
   e.  Front Display Case -- in between the entrance and extra doors of the library. Some of the "Toplist" items will be there.
   f.  Friends Merchandise -- we will have T-shirts, Mouse Pads and Lanyards for sale at the Membership table.

We'll have 3 cashiers open when it's busy, and as this photo shows, Charly is willing to take your money whenever and wherever!  We look forward to seeing many of our 'old' friends and making some new ones tonight!

Friday, April 24, 10-5; Saturday April 25, 10-4:30;
 Sunday April 26, 12-3:30

photo by Darlene