Friday, April 17, 2009


One week from today will be the first day of public admission to the Spring 09 Semi-Annual Used Book Sale! You'll want to attend EARLY and OFTEN. We restock constantly and we have thousands of titles. Bring your list, and prepare to be surprised by new finds and treasures!

The sale opens when the library does, at 10 a.m. This map will give you an idea of where the different genre await your patronage! Some things to remember:

1.  If you're going into the Specials Room, we'll ask you to leave your other books and bags outside on a cart with your name (we have slips) on them. This helps control the flow of books in and out of the Specials Room, helps minimize damage to the books there, and allows more patrons to move around in there searching for books. There are few things more irritating than not being able to see a book because someone's backpack or purse is in your way -- and the person is totally oblivious.

2.  Having addressed the topic of people being oblivious, it is time to address another delicate area.  Each sale we get a few complaints about a few patrons' behavior.  We ask that you remember that people of all kinds attend this sale. In a perfect world we would all be polite to one another. However, this isn't a perfect world and some people let their enthusiasm for good bargains trump what their moms should have taught them about common courtesy. If another patron's behavior is egregious, please notify one of the book sale workers. We will try to address the situation.  That said, we reserve the right to ask anyone who is being a nuisance to leave.

3.  Dealers. Some non-dealer patrons ask us why we allow dealers to come and purchase so many books.  Umm...because it's a book sale? The dealers have to make a living too. Some of our dealer and reseller patrons have been loyal and faithful book buyers for years. We appreciate their business. We know there are other book sales, and they choose to spend their money with us. If the non-dealer patrons would or could purchase the volume of books the dealers do, we could ban dealers. But we wouldn't because we LIKE our dealer friends, and we LIKE our non-dealer patrons, so we just ask that everyone give others a measure of grace. If we all act like we are civilized, we will all benefit from that. That said, we reserve the right to ask anyone who is being a nuisance to leave.

Friday, April 24, 10-5; Saturday April 25, 10-4:30;
 Sunday April 26, 12-3:30

photo by Darlene

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