Monday, April 20, 2009


As a pilot approaches an airfield, the last position before landing is called "short final". That's when the airplane is in the right position, all switches are in the right position, the gear is down, and the passengers and crew are in the right position to land. The end of the journey is close and everyone is filled with anticipation because as the first journey closes, the next adventure can begin.

Yet, it isn't time to relax. Despite the goal being very close in time and distance, the pilot cannot just stop flying the plane. He or she must guide it through the complicated processes that the pilot has trained for over and over. And, despite thousands of hours of flying time, every landing is unique, subject to the vagaries of weather, equipment and personnel.

Our booksale crew is on 'short final.' Charly is in the pilot's seat, skilfully lining everything and everyone up so that on Thursday evening, our Friends of the Reston Regional Library can start another awesome book sale, our next adventure. Today is "set-up" -- and we're certainly NOT relaxing! If you stop by today, you'll see a process that has been repeated over and over for years (and you might get drafted to help). Just like a pilot, as we gain more experience each sale, and equipment and personnel change, we tweak it each time. And while by now it's a well-rehearsed routine, we deal with the vagaries of weather (it's raining right now and we have to bring the boxes in from the shed), equipment (tables, boxes, signs, etc.), and personnel (we always need more muscles!) just as the pilot of the plane does.

So if you're by the library today and you see the increase in activity level and marvel at how we go from an empty meeting room to an awesome sale, just think of that big ol' jumbo jet lining up for a perfect landing and wish us "happy landings."

FAQ #10

Why don't you have more children's books?

We can only sell as many as are donated AND which meet our quality standards. Our booksale has a reputation for quality that we do not want to compromise. Every decent quality childrens book we get goes into the sale. Still, this is the category of which we have the LEAST left over after the sale to donate to charity--and of course, it is the category most charities want. You can help us by donating more children's books (when donations re-open), and if you are shopping this category, be kind to the ones that are there on display so that even if you don't want to buy a particular title, it is still in nice condition for someone else to do so.

Now, let's go land that plane!

Friday, April 24, 10-5; Saturday April 25, 10-4:30;
Sunday April 26, 12-3:30


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