Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To Clear Things Up

The books we have today are representative of the specialized collections we sometimes receive as donations. If you're not a scientist in the particular area of crystallography, these books will probably do nothing for you. But if you are a researcher in this area, being able to acquire these books at below the market price might get your heart a-fluttering!

An Atlas of Hyperstereograms of the Four-Dimensional Crystal Classes is E.J.W. Whittaker's proposal for classifying crystals. To find out any more, you'll either have to look at the book, or know something about this field. It is definitely outside the blogger's area of expertise! Nonetheless, in its area, this book is rare and in demand. We offer it at Friends1 for $24.

The accompanying books we have available are:
Crystal Data: Systematic Tables (Hardcover) $25
Crystal Growth: An Introduction (North-Holland Series in crystal growth, v.1) $120
Phosphate, Arsanate and Vanadate Minerals: Crystal chemistry and Classification $28

Book Sale FAQ #6
Why do you let dealers use scanners?

As technology has advanced, our sales have changed. You may think it is just dealers using the scanners, but that is no longer true. We all want the best values for the money we spend, and we are all able to use scanners to help us decide how to proceed. Have you ever been in the grocery store and called home to the cook to ask if you should get product "A" or product "B"? Using a scanner is the same idea. The Friends use scanners on intake of donated items and price things accordingly. With dealers and other patrons using them as well, the playing field is leveled.

Book Sale FAQ #7
Why do you record so much information at the back table when dealing with specials?

In the years before we did this we had the problem of some high dollar books disappearing during the sale and no way of tracking what happened to them.  As stewards of the donations made to the Friends, and with a responsibility to maximize the return on those donations in order toe benefit the library, the Board decided we needed to try to track those books with a sale value of greater than $5. There have been occasions when patrons chose a book, we recorded the information, and the patron forgot to ask for their book at checkout.  We used the information recorded to contact the patrons who have been happy to be reconnected with that special book. All they had to do was stop by to pay us and take it home. So it works to the benefit of everyone concerned.

It's a little over a week away...so get ready! If you're a member, come Thursday night. If you want to come Thursday night and you're not a member, become one ASAP or that night! You can use the link on the right sidebar to fill out our membership form and pay via Paypal if you want to do it now.  See you soon!

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