Thursday, May 28, 2009

Interesting Offers on Amazon

If you know what Towel Day is, and in fact, just recently celebrated it (or considered doing so), you'll probably know what Douglas C. Adams book is on Amazon this week at the Friends of Reston Regional Library site.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a classic science fiction book full of humor and whimsy. You probably have a copy, but what about someone graduating from high school in a couple of weeks? Doesn't that person need something whimsical to take to college? This copy is a leather bound deluxe edition, in excellent condition, for $60.

Here's something in Japanese. The blogger knows just enough to know that the first word Nihongo refers to the Japanese language and the word Sensei refers to teacher. Other than that, 
you're on your own to figure out why you need this book. Of course, if you can understand the title, you know what it is! Priced at $75, it is a very visually appealing book, and hopefully full of treasures that YOU can unlock!

And, something that has been translated for you already. 
The Five Books of Moses: The  Schocken Bible, Volume 1, Deluxe Edition purports to translate the Torah from Hebrew to English while maintaining the poetry of the original language. It is recommended to all biblical scholars, Jewish or Christian. Our copy is $24.

These are just a sampling of the books on our site. When you get there, take the time to browse. You might find something you'd like to purchase!  Let us know. If you're a local current Friend, skip postage and get it from us directly!


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