Friday, August 21, 2009

Tomorrow's the Day!

These are some of the treasures awaiting you at the Friends of Reston Regional Library Inaugural Children's and Young Adult Used Book Sale! We start tomorrow (Saturday) morning the 22nd of August at 10 a.m. and will open again on Sunday at 1.

We have all kinds of childrens and young adult books and a good selection of teacher materials as well. Everything is reasonably priced and we'll do our best to get you through the cashier line as quickly as possible!

These four books are over-sized comic style books in Disney-esque style (My expert tells me they are not actually Disney but reminds you that we do have LOTS of Disney stuff for sale this weekend). These are quite old. The photos do not do them justice because they are in protective plastic -- but you can come see them and purchase them right away. You do NOT have to wait until tomorrow for these! Just e-mail us at

Three Little Pigs $9
Three Bears $9
Little Red Riding Hood $5
Peter Rabbit $5

Some last minute details about the sale.

  • We will restock all day both days -- it won't be all picked over in the first hour!
  • We also have CD's and DVD's -- but we no longer accept VHS or cassettes, so if there are any left, this should be the last time they're offered.
  • 40 means 40 units -- books, cd's, etc.
See you there!


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