Saturday, September 12, 2009


Each week, Raven at Raven's Nest gives us 15 words to work into a paragraph or short story. One can do a mini (5 words), the challenge (10 words) or the maxi (15). This is a great opportunity to get your literary and imaginative juices flowing. We'd love for you to join us! Just e-mail us for details!

The words for this week's ten word challenge were:Charitable, alligator, tribute, drunk, slave, preparation, carrots, mountainside, propeller, lark For the mini challenge: chisel, worship, suicide, organic, plus

Kit brings us another lovely poem:

Being in a CHARITABLE mood to time - I sit,
and am filled - with much emotion..
I think of how - the flow of energy,
is like a PROPELLER's thrust - of motion..
For energy gives TRIBUTE - to all forms of life,
and can be seen - wherever one looks..
Just keep an open mind - and you will find,
that not all answers - come from books.
Energy moves the rabbit - down the MOUNTAINSIDE,
to find the CARROTS - lovingly laid out for him..
While in a tree - a LARK can be heard in song,
announcing a new day - that soon will begin..
And, if one looks closely - by the water's edge,
you can see movement - of the ALLIGATOR's form..
With the splendor of nature - and mankind,
PREPARATION of this day - is born.
So, I guess - what I'm really thinking,
is don't let life - make you a SLAVE..
Enjoy relaxation with - family and friends,
and with all challenges - be brave..
For when you've DRUNK - from the fountain of life,
energies of wisdom, truth - and love are found..
And with these traits - flowing through you,
you are the songbird's - melodious sound.

Charly offers another evocative paragraph:

Who wants to be a SLAVE to the kitchen? Not I, said Charly K, I'd rather spend my time on a MOUNTAINSIDE in the Rockies breathing the clear air with skies of blue above, listening to the LARK and other melodious birds. But reality finds me in the kitchen deciding the PREPARATION of dinner. Humph, I refuse to have ALLIGATOR meat even tho my nephew insists it tastes like chicken; he's very CHARITABLE in sharing the meat, but chicken is a better choice as far as I'm concerned. Working at the sink I gaze out and see my neighbor's child spinning the PROPELLER of a small, remote aircraft that will soon be airborne; looking to the left I see small ducklings waddling behind the mother duck..they look a little DRUNK as they rush to the small pond. The greatest view though is the American flag waving proudly in TRIBUTE to our military. Stop day dreaming, Charly and get on with the cooking. With dinner now in the oven, I walk to the freezer and pull out the CARROT cake that will be dessert. Is anybody out there (besides the Dragons), hungry?

And the adventure of Dr. Hill continues, courtesy of the Friends' Blogger:

The days at the beach were lovely. While Hill was acutely aware that he was a slave to Laila’s whims, he tried to be stern and firm and all those things that Ward Cleaver had been. But Ward hadn’t been subjected to Laila’s brand of perseverance! Fortunately, her “full speed ahead” was counterbalanced by the lovely and calm Louisa.

The beach was at the base of a mountainside where the rocks went down right into the ocean. This made the water an excellent place for harvesting sea urchins for dinner, the preparation of which was a specialty of Louisa’s. She added fresh herbs, carrots, and a light white sauce served over rice. It had become a favorite in no time at all.

During the day Hill and his ladies went for rides in an ocean going canoe, with a small electric propeller motor to help them maneuver in between the huge rocks. The chatty little girl was the perfect foil for the intensity of Hill’s feelings for Louisa. Every time he felt himself drunk with her presence, Laila sailed in with an idea for some lark that would require his full attention to deter or fulfill.

The last evening before they were to return to the city, Hill arranged for Laila to play with the landlady’s children while he and Louisa went out for a ‘grown-up’ meal. They dined al fresco at a small place called Caiman Y Camarones (Alligator and Shrimp). A charitable travel guide would call it a hole in the wall. Yet the food was delicious – freshly caught fish and locally grown produce. More importantly, the privacy was complete. The waiter was attentive without being intrusive. The couple talked about inconsequential things for a while and then fell silent.

“Is something wrong?” Louisa asked.

“No, everything is just right, “he answered. “This is the first time I’ve been able to spend time with you alone since we were in the U.S.! I love Laila dearly, but she’s a full time occupation!”

Louisa laughed. “Yes, she is intense. But that’s wonderful. She cares so deeply about everything. That’s a passion that is difficult to maintain as we age.”

“What would you know about aging?” he asked playfully. “You look young and beautiful and . . .” he trailed off.

“And what?” she asked softly.

“Totally out of my reach,” he finished. “I want to get to know you and there’s always this sparkling 6 year old presence in between us.”

“And what would you do if you knew me better?” Louisa asked.

“I’d ask you what you’re doing for the rest of forever.” he replied.

“Yes,” she said.


“The answer is yes. If you’re asking me to marry you, the answer is yes.” Louisa stopped, surprised by her own boldness. “I can’t imagine life without you and Laila. I love being her nanny/tutor, and I’d like a more complete relationship with both of you. But I’m an old fashioned girl and I don’t believe in friends with benefits. It’s all or nothing.” She relaxed into her chair, finally having spoken the words that had been bottled up inside her for weeks.

Hill pulled a small box out of his jacket pocket and opened it toward her. “I hoped we’d get to have this conversation,” he said with relief. “Will you marry me?”

Next Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: dangerous, engine, sullenly, bespoke, evergreen, bauble, medicine, freight, destined, tinsel

And for the mini: carbon, feelers, outright, ballet, fizzing



Dr.John said...

Kit-Another triumph. I would never, ever try a poem with Raven's Words. You make it seem easy.
Charly- What a creative setting for the words. I loved it
Blogger- The frosting on the cake.
"Caiman Y Camarones (Alligator and Shrimp)" you don't get any more creative than this.
The Professor Hill story is coming along nicely.

Raven said...

Three great wordzzles. Kit - your poems always have such a good message... Charly - I'm always hungry for carrot cake... nicely done! Blogger - I agree with Dr. John... the way you used alligator was so clever. And I'm so happy the Dr. Hill and Louisa are engaged. Big happy sigh.

Fandango said...

Kit- Your poem was better than ours but we used all fifteen words.
Charly- You used the magic word dragons and get our vote for the greatest story.
Blogger- We did enjoy the Hill story even though it was a bit long and grossly sentimental.

Richard said...

My favorite this week was the blogger's offering. It was a happy moment when Hill proposed.

Argent said...

@Kit - The poem was really good today. I wholeheartedly endorse the sentiment so elegantly set out in it and that last line - lovely!

@Charley - What a great succession of images. And now I'm hungry (but the Dragons will almost certainly beat me to the carrot cake).

@Blogger - Sooo nicely done! "I’d ask you what you’re doing for the rest of forever" - lovely!

DawnTreader said...

You're just getting better and better, all three of you...
Kit, fitting those words into a poem that actually has a meaning, that is amazing.
Charly, you make them all fit into context very nicely too.
And Blogger, good job with moving the story forward and still also fitting all those words in, alligator included!

CJ said...

I enjoyed all three of the responses to Raven's challenge. Good job, everyone.

Air said...

Sorry to have missed the ones in between - had a lot going on. Here's mine for this week (very short this time):

Stephen said...

I'm glad that Dr. Hill and Louisa are getting married. That was a very nice story. I also liked Kit's poem about life and nature and Charly's story about fixing dinner.

I actually had a taste of alligator once, breaded and deep fried. It tasted fine, though I pretended otherwise. Even so, I think I might prefer the carrot cake.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA