Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wordzzle Saturday

It's Wordzzle time again and Charly & Kit have done the minis! The blogger has done the challenge. If you want more info on how to join us, e-mail us here. If you want to figure it out yourself, go to Views from Raven's Nest.

As falling stars danced - with abandonment,
to - variations on a theme..
Those who viewed them - possibly felt,
a oneness - with this beautiful scene..
And, although for many - it may have appeared,
as if - the sky is falling..
It's only nature's - beautiful way,
of answering - the Universe's calling.
For the universe - speaks to us all,
coming forward - in various says..
And its' purpose - is to send us love,
to enhance our lives - and fulfill our days..
At times our souls - may feel like,
those empty soda bottles - laying around..
But, with bravery - and a gentle powder puff touch,
we'll find that love within - can still be found.


As the crowd gathered in the grandstands to view the race, one could see EMPTY SODA BOTTLES along the fence line where some spectators stood. Families and fans alike wanted to see it all with a front row view as drivers moved into position. With engines revving up one could feel the excitement of the first POWDER PUFF derby. Much discussion had occurred during the planning of this event with many VARIATIONS OF A THEME tossed about. But this theme seemed most appropriate as the drivers were women. As the flag dropped, they moved out; those less timid gained the lead positions early. One could only admire the BRAVERY of each of these ladies; many being first time drivers in such an event. They were driving for a special charity; a cause dear to their hearts, Save a Senior. Being among that elite circle, they wanted to help the local seniors having trouble making ends meet. So these brave gals, donned their helmets and took to the track; a bit slow compared to other races, but moving they were. From the sound of this fun-loving crowd the event appeared successful. After crossing the finish line, the winner was brought forward and crowned Queen of the Powder Puff Go-Kart Derby. Low, dark clouds were forming overhead and with a thought to Henny Penney's 'THE SKY IS FALLING', one might think that was about to occur. With a sense of urgency, Grandma's go-kart was loaded on the trailer to head home before they were soaked. Grandma was beaming as she climbed into the car with her crown of 'pink puffs'..she wore it proudly.


Pastry chef Danae Delish awkwardly filled each cream puff with the custard mixture. It was a little bit of a production creating masterpieces with a broken finger, but she had promised her friends at the Habitat for Humanity site that she would bring some treats to them today. Her puffs had acquired somewhat of a hallowed status with the crew because she varied the custard mixtures and it was always a pleasant surprise for the person biting into one. When she had broken her finger last week at the site trying to hang sheetrock, their primary concern was whether it would prevent her from making cream puffs. Danae smiled at that memory -- it felt good to be needed.

She reached the site about 10:30 a.m., perfect time for a short break. The house belonged to an elderly woman whose roof had been mostly cardboard since Hurricane Katrina came through. Now when Danae walked into the living room there was a beautiful ceiling fan mounted in the center surrounded by a plaster ceiling medallion. The texture of the rest of the ceiling was of cottage cheese. In all, it was a very pleasing appearance, and an immense improvement!

She strolled through to the back yard where the carpentry team was working. Danae called out, “everything looks wonderful inside!” Her friend Terry looked up from his measurement and said, “Oh! cream puffs! Give me a couple – they’ll be food for thought! I’ve measured this three times and ended up with three different numbers! The cream puffs will revive me!” Danae turned them over to the hardworking crew who vanished them quickly.

Looking around she missed someone. Turning to Terry, Danae asked, “where is Miz Trent?” Terry laughed, “she said there was too much noise here today so she was going to go volunteer at the blood drive at her church! It’s amazing. She’s 82 years old, was content to live in a house with holes in the ceiling, and is still volunteering! She was even upset that they won’t let her donate blood! She said she’d been doing it for over thirty years.” Danae laughed as well, delighted that the crew were able to do something kind for someone whose first thought was what she could do for others.

All of a sudden they heard yelling from inside the house. Terry and Danae rushed inside. Following the noise they found David in the back bedroom. He had just pulled a rotting board out of the closet. Sitting on the floor was a neatly compacted stack of one hundred dollar bills. Surrounding the stack was a circle of bones, in a cradling shape. Danae looked at the guys. “I think we need to call a supervisor,” she said quietly.

Next Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: early morning light, Pinocchio, mist, leaves, sandy, coffee, walking, traffic, pray, stomach

And for the mini: train, art, admirable, cotton, fluffy


Argent said...

@Kit - that was a lovely poem today. I like the idea that the universe is speaking to us (not that we ever listen).

@Charly - What a fabulous notion, the Powder Puff Derby. I wish there could be loads more such life-affirming events.

@Blogger - Oooh! Another broken-fingered chef! Remind me not to take up patisserie, LOL. Is this the beginning of an on-going story? I really hope so as I do love a mystery and this one was sooo well-written. Can't wait for more!

Thanks for the kind comment on mine. I didn't realise that you chaps didn't refer to little pastry cups with savory fillings as vol-au-vents (what do you call them?), but I did wonder as I was writing it. Serves me right for trying to write an american-voiced story (not sure why or how that happened) without having even visiting the place.

Dr.John said...

Kit- A little bumpy at the end but another great poem. How you manage to do this every week is a mystery.
Charly- A great story with those words. I tried to see my grandmother driving a go-kart and I believe she would have.
Blogger-I hope this is a story to be continued next week. You can't just leave us in the old ladies house with all that money and a million questions.

Fandango said...

Kit- We dragons admire your poetry. We always try but never come close to you.
Charly- You humans just like fast cars too much. Porr old grandmas should sit in rocking chairs.
But it was a good story.
Blogger- We did not eat that person. I repeat we didn't eat that person. We wouldn't have left the money or the skeleton.
What a surprise ending. We dragons love surprise endings.

Raven said...

Kit - you always have such a loving and positive view of life. Lovely poem.

Charly - love the powder puff derby and the grandma crowned with powder puffs.

Blogger - interesting mystery you have started here. Sweet old lady killer? Hmmmm. Fascinating.

Stephen said...

Kit's poem about the falling stars and their meaning was very nice.

Charly's story about the race was very good, with a surprise ending with a grandmother winning.

The blogger's story also had a surprise ending, with the skeleton and money being found behind a board in the closet. It sounds like the beginnings of a good mystery. The cream puffs also sounded good, and I liked how cottage cheese was used to describe the ceiling.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA