Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wordzzle Saturday

Wow -- I can't believe how late this is. I completely forgot to post them this morning. The Wordzzle is a game created and hosted by Raven. If you'd like to play, check her site, write something up, and e-mail it to us or post it on your own blog and link to Raven!

Words for this week's challenge were: officer, candid, drowning, turtles, sugar-coated, prospecting, shame on you, recliner, luggage, brains And for the mini: paragon of virtue, cats-in-the-cradle, swamp, sprinkles, garbage

How much nicer - the World would be,
if we could become - a paragon of virtue..
By practicing traits - we've learned from birth,
by parents - who were sent to us for nurture..
Like being kind & thoughtful - considerate of others,
and loving - to all creatures and mankind..
These are the blessings - we all can share,
if we'd stop to consider - the ties that bind..
Ties that bind us to life - and to one another,
like cats-in-the-cradle - who snuggled together..
They know their love - is to be shared,
for they're not restrained - by any kind of tether..
But man's restraint - is the garbage held in mind,
allowing memories of the past - to swamp their days..
Shake those old thoughts off - like sprinkles of rain,
So your life can move forward - without any delays.

Magnolia Trace, a beautiful plantation surrounded by magnolia trees, was the home of Susanna, a southern belle. She now sat on the steps of the veranda playing the game CATS-IN-THE-CRADLE. She was bored! Being a PARAGON OF VIRTUE was maddening for she longed for adventure and excitement. She watched the neighboring plantation owners nearing the river where canoes would take them into the SWAMP. They were in search of contraband rumored to have been stashed there by the pirate, Jean Lafitte. Some say it was chests containing silver and gold with SPRINKLES of diamonds scattered within and was buried deep in the swampland; others laughed at the pursuit of such a quest. She slowly got up and strolled towards the river where the group was to board the canoes. Jasper, the kitchen help, was throwing GARBAGE into the river when bubbles appeared and an alligator surfaced..the men stopped in their tracks gawking at this 8 foot long creature. As it swam closer to the bank they began scrambling back up the incline to safety leaving the canoes behind. As the alligator reached the bank eating the scraps tossed, Susanna thought perhaps she should return with the men; after all, these creatures are known for speed and as a southerner, she moved as a lady... the alligator looked about and made a move to come aground, she decided perhaps this is one time she didn't need to be graceful. She hiked up her gown, turned around and started running back to the house, passing the men. As she reached the steps, her mother stood with hands on hips and said, 'Oh! Susanna, put down your skirt; ladies do not run about showing their ankles. The alligator lost interest and sinking back into the water swam away. The men decided they'd save their search for another day. Susanna figured she'd just have to accept that having a song written for her by her friend Stephen, was excitement enough...


The old lady was candid with Danae. “My husband’s people didn’t always choose the best or easiest way to go about things. Their feeling was that if you were fooled by a sugar-coated version of life, then shame on you. They met their challenges head on using their brains and some luck to survive. Reynaud and Susanne made their home together here. They didn’t have much luggage but there was the one valise with the patent money in it that Reynaud kept well hidden. Putting off buying a farm, he got a job with the local fishermen who gathered turtles when they were available and risked drowning out in the Gulf when prospecting for bigger fish.

When Cecile was born she was a beautiful child. She had all the beauty of her mother’s dark eyes and delicate features, and the richness of her father’s dark skin and lovely smile. One day when she was about three a terrible storm blew in. That was before we had the weather channel to tell us to get ready. The fishermen could tell it would be a big storm, but they had no idea how big. Reynaud came home early to help prepare for the blow. An officer of the law came looking for him telling him he and all the other men had to go back to help get the boats ready. He was candid with the officer telling him he’d rather stay and protect his family, but the man insisted. Reynaud kissed Susanne and Cecile and left with the man. Susanne continued hammering the shutters closed and moving things to the highest point in the house. As long as Susanne could hear Cecilie humming and singing, she knew she was playing nearby. Around lunchtime she realized she hadn’t heard Cecile’s music for a little while. She looked throughout the house, and in the yard, and realized Cecile was gone.”

Miz Trent leaned back into the sofa and paused, “Sweetie, will you get me a glass of water?” Danae cheerfully jumped up from the recliner and headed for the kitchen. When she returned Miz Trent was dozing. Danae put the water down next to her, adjusted her blanket, and tiptoed out of the room.

Words for next week's 10-word challenge are: love is a many splendored thing, trucks, inspector, symbols, rising, organic, liberation, costly, smug, naughty

And for the mini: the nature of the beast, identical, charcoal, braggart, vacation


Akelamalu said...

Great poem and I love the second story of Susanna forgetting her modesty in her haste to get away from the alligator!

I like that Reynaud was a worker but I wish he'd stayed to look after Susanne and Cecile. Now I need to know what happened to the child!

Raven said...

Nice poem as always, Kit... with a high vision for life. Fun story, Charley. And Blogger... that was just cruel.... Looking forward to the next part of the mystery.

Argent said...

Kit - An artful poem as usual. I admire how you do this week upon week.

Charly - Beautifully written and a punchline at the end!

Blogger - Aaargh! I want to hear more!

All three submissions were top-class this week.

bettygram said...

I liked the poem. great job on the second story. I have to wait for more story from Blogger.

Stephen said...

Kit's poem about love and the things that tie us together and the things in the way was good.

Charly's story about Susanna and the alligator was also good. I guess Susanna's friend must have been Stephen Foster.

Blogger's entry was a good continuation of the story. We got to find out more about what happened, though it seems to have worn out Miz Trent.

I also enjoyed last week's Wordzzle, with Charly's story about the daredevil cat and Kit's poem about the difficulty of the words.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA