Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wordzzle Saturday

This is week 97 of the Saturday Wordzzle Challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer back to Raven's Nest to find out how it works.  The words this week were:

teflon, idealistic, marshmallow, opportunistic, kittens, beef, sawing logs, slapped, tickled, scissors For the mini: ripen, shelve, laminate, goofy, Siamese

It was a gray, wintry day. You could sense that snow would arrive by nightfall. People coming to the library were there to seek warmth and knowledge, use computers or attend meetings. Mary Ann a new volunteer, was to LAMINATE new library cards but instead, was having to SHELVE books. Gossip had it that a SIAMESE cat, named GOOFY, roamed the library by day & night but never seen. Some admitted they thought they'd heard meowing as they shelved books. Such are the tales one hears about cats & libraries. Mary Ann was a cat lover. She wished she would be the one to spot him. One of the books she was handling was called, 'The Cat Who Ate the RIPEN Peach'..She flipped through the book and there sat Goofy on a windowsill playing with a peach pit... No joke, that's the name of the cat in the story. As she reached to place the book on the shelf, she jumped as she felt something brush against her leg. Looking about she didn't see anything; then it happened again..still she saw nothing. She put the book on the shelf and turned to leave. She heard a thud and a sound that was almost a meow. Could it be? naw..the book had fallen opened and when she picked it up discovered it was at the page she'd looked at..she did a double-take. The cat was not on the sill; nor was the pit. she thought she heard the meow sound again. Patrons around her had not noticed anything out of the ordinary. Was this real or just wishful thinking? She peeped around the shelves and whispered 'goodbye, Goofy..Then she rolled her eyes and thought, 'I must be goofy--now I'm  talking to an imaginary  cat'. Heading back to her Supervisor she stumbled. Picking up what caused her to stumble, she found in her hand, a peach pit. Searching the area, she thought she saw the shadow of a cat darting between the bookcase aisles. With a shudder, she went on to her next task. Did she get her wish? Or, was this a figment of her imagination due to her love of cats.

When a laminated mind - has its' layers unfurled,
one will find - many forms of emotion..
Just as Siamese twins are joined - so are thoughts,
and sometimes we give thinking - too much devotion..
For we dwell on things - that we know we can't change,
yet, we won't let go - and fall into a goofy sort of depression..
That state of mind - that leads to a restless spirit,
guiding us on a path - that becomes an obsession.
If we could but learn - the art to discard or at least shelve,
emotions that do us - more harm than good..
Then by days' end - hopefully, a gentle peace is ours,
Because with a different perception - we've now understood..
That the ripen fruit of life - is pure love,
and given to us by a higher power - each glorious day..
To guide and direct - our paths and thoughts,
providing love, peace and joy - along our way.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


The last time we had an ODD LOTS sale, our patrons did not disappoint. We're not saying that the supporters of Reston Friends are ODD themselves, but let's just say there are a variety of interests and tastes represented amongst us!

So, we've cobbled together another round of odd lots for you to peruse. Here are the ROE (Rules of Engagement)

  1. Cash and Carry Only (checks or cash)
  2. First Come, First Serve
  3. Viewing by Appointment only (leave message at library front desk for Charly)

a) $20 Encyclopedia Britannica set
15th ed (1995)
brown bindings

b) $30 Britannica Great Books
47 volume set (missing #39, 44 & 48)
tan bindings SOLD

c) $25 District of Columbia Bar Association Practice Manual
16th ed (2007)
2 packets still in shrinkwrap, with 2 binders SOLD

d) $10 The New Criterion magazine
"monthly review of the arts and intellectual life"
lot of 24 issues (2007-2009)SOLD

e) $10 First Things magazine
"religiously informed public philosophy"
lot of 37 issues (2006-2009)SOLD

f) $10 Poetry magazine
"the oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English speaking world"
lot of 48 issues (2006-2009)

g) --- National Genealogical Society Quarterly
large lot from the mid-1990's
'let's make a deal!"


The last time we had an ODD LOTS sale, our patrons did not disappoint. We're not saying that the supporters of Reston Friends are ODD themselves, but let's just say there are a variety of interests and tastes represented amongst us!

So, we've cobbled together another round of odd lots for you to peruse. Here are the ROE (Rules of Engagement)

  1. Cash and Carry Only (checks or cash)
  2. First Come, First Serve
  3. Viewing by Appointment only (leave message at library front desk for Charly)

a) $20 Encyclopedia Britannica set
15th ed (1995)
brown bindings

b) $30 Britannica Great Books
47 volume set (missing #39, 44 & 48)
tan bindings

c) $25 District of Columbia Bar Association Practice Manual
16th ed (2007)
2 packets still in shrinkwrap, with 2 binders

d) $10 The New Criterion magazine
"monthly review of the arts and intellectual life"
lot of 24 issues (2007-2009)

e) $10 First Things magazine
"religiously informed public philosophy"
lot of 37 issues (2006-2009)

f) $10 Poetry magazine
"the oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English speaking world"
lot of 48 issues (2006-2009)

g) --- National Genealogical Society Quarterly
large lot from the mid-1990's
'let's make a deal!"

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser

Today we had a question about our Mystery and Adventure sale.

Q: Will this be one of those sales where people just buy a brown paper bag without knowing the contents, thus the mystery?

A: (Slaps forehead). NO -- the books have been selected for content. The content is mysteries and/or adventure!

If these authors are on your reading list, you might want to stop by.

Agatha Christie
Dick Francis
Ellis Peters
Elizabeth Peters
Arthur Conan Doyle
Tony Hillerman
Dan Brown
Janet Evanovich
Michael Connelly
Patricia Cornwell
Charlaine Harris
Sue Grafton
and it goes on, and on and on. Restonians read a lot of mysteries. Then they donate a lot of mysteries! So our own excesses are our own gains!

Stop by during library hours and pick up a pile of books to read!

NOTE: This is a MINI sale -- not a Semi-Annual Sale -- do not expect the same QUANTITY, but come and be impressed by the same QUALITY...and the fantastic volunteers.

February 5 - 9
Reston Regional Library
During Regular Library Hours
Cash & Checks accepted

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Wordzzle

This is week 96 of the Saturday Wordzzle Challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer to Ravens Nest find out how it works.


The weary Politician - sat in the dew-kissed garden,
this was his - favorite time of day..
With his head bowed - he innately wished,
the pressure he felt - would go away..
For the Legislative Bill - he sat reading,
seemed smelly - was against his true belief..
He didn't feel - that he could genuinely support it,
while his heart held - a feeling, of heavy grief.
But, as a token gesture - had said he'd consider,
joining with others - in this decision to be made..
Yet, now the contents - of what he'd just read,
showed him - just how far, politicians had strayed..
Now he inwardly knew - what his higher self had to do,
and, as he stood - he began walking confidently away..
For his choice had been made - it was to speak out with,
honesty and courage - for the people of his, beloved USA.


Surrounded by trees and a flower GARDEN, the one-room schoolhouse stood alone on the outside of town. After a long, hot summer, days were cooling off and school had opened for another school year. The school bell rang. Picking up her lunch pail, Emily gave one last hug to Sunshine, her FAVORITE pony, and went inside. She was a happy little girl and was glad to be back in school. She liked reading and seeing her friends. The class was excited today as the local POLITICIAN, newly elected Governor, was to pay a visit to the classroom. He was visiting the class as a TOKEN GESTURE to a kindness the teacher had done for the town. Emily heard Sunshine whinny so asked permission to go see what was wrong. She looked out the door and running down the steps, stooped to pick up a rock. As she threw it, she yelled, "Get away from my pony, you SMELLY old skunk". Looking to her left she saw the horse and rider coming. She rushed back in and told the teacher. The teacher prepared the class for their visitor telling them to be on their best behavior and be quiet. Emily could hardly sit still. As the Governor came through the door she jumped up and ran towards him. He scooped her up. Her small arms wrapped around his neck; looking at him she said, 'Hi, daddy!'.


It was amazing what a lovely cup of tea could do to change one’s attitude. After Gandalf had carefully procured it, he leaned back in satisfaction. People just didn’t understand the pressure he faced being the wizard of Good. A knock on the door admitted Badger, followed by a train of pixies. “We want to help, Gandalf,” began Badger. All of your stories talk about Hobbits and Elves, but we feel left out! We’re on the side of Good, too!” The pixies echoed this in a high pitched chorus. (Truthfully, it sounded a bit like a mosquito whine – one of the reasons the Author had left that particular group out). The old wizard thoughtfully scratched his head, then switched to his beard. Then he stopped, frozen with a thought. “Alright,” he began, “I think I can use you in the next adventure. And the Author will just have to go along with the process. First, we’ll roll out the barrel that is in the back garden. It’s over by that smelly refuse pile. Then we’ll add wheels and controls. Next, the pixies will climb on board and proceed at top gear to the house of the politician in the next village.” They jumped up and down excitedly. Badger pouted, “I did not hear anything about Badgers in that.” Gandalf replied, “I’m coming to that. You will be in the barrel. When it reaches the politician’s favorite rose bush, the pixies will slam into reverse and you’ll shoot out of the barrel. You will, in one bite, eat his blasted rose bush.”

The Badger nodded slowly but then asked, “umm…Gandalf, how is that going to help the cause of Good?” The wizard answered, “The last time that politician started talking about our Author he referred to him as one who leads children’s minds into darkness and mysticism. It’s only a token gesture to destroy the rose bush (you wouldn’t believe how much time and effort he spends cultivating that instead of his mind). You will then address him and tell him that talking Badgers are real and important, and (with a slight incline of his head towards them) so are pixies.” The Badger cautiously asked the next question. “But is that Good?” Gandalf shook his head irritably. “Perhaps not entirely, but if we let the politicians decide what is good fantasy or bad, we will have none at all, and that would definitely NOT be Good!” The Badger threw back his shoulders, said, “C’mon then” to the pixies and headed for the garden.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Upcoming Special Books

We all know that in February we, as a nation, celebrate African-American History month. In celebration, our ace-display cabinet arranger, Nancy, has accumulated a bunch of treasures to place in the case. Nancy always has more books than can fit in there at one time, so you'll need to take a look each time you come into the library to see what's new. It will all be reasonably priced, and this time we have a special Friends benefit.

If you are a current Friend of Reston Regional Library
and would like to schedule an appointment to see "behind the scenes" treasures that celebrate African Americans and their history, you may e-mail us to arrange that. Like the display case, these items will all be
reasonably priced.

The case will also feature other "February" treasures (Valentine's, etc.), but we wanted you to be the first to know that this special collection has been harvested from the donations that the community so generously brings to our library.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yes, today the library is open again after a respite for Martin Luther King, Jr. day... but for how long? As your County Executives go to work on the budget, one of their targets is the library system. Apparently they think we're open WAY TOO OFTEN and my goodness, everyone should confine their use patterns to what the County Executives think is appropriate. So -- when do THEY go to the library?

Seriously folks, if you want to lose more library hours, simply do nothing. If you want to let your representative know how unhappy this makes you, call Cathy Hudgins at 703-478-0283. Send her letters. Ask her what hours SHE uses the library and whether she'll have to accommodate. Ask her how important the library is to her constituents and then tell her how important it is to you!

Folks -- last year's library budget was lumped in with Parks & Rec. Combined, these three entities receive less than 2% of the annual budget. The school system receives over 53%. Who is whining the loudest about being cut? Yep, school system.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Wordzzle

We're back again with the Wordzzle game again. Raven hosts this fun game in which writers (or those of us aspiring to be writers) use 5, 10, or 15 words to make a paragraph, poem or a story. Three of us from Reston play regularly, and we'd love to have more! E-mail us or visit Raven to find out how!

This week's words were: alternate reality, shadows, frantic, tomatoes, field, lilies, DVD, snow mobile, aggravation, music
And for the mini: grounds for divorce, pink panther, salutations, wavering, lasagne

Once, lilies and tomatoes grew - upon this land,
in the field - my eyes now see..
And, only shadows - of a Summers' day,
are represented in mind - by a standing tree..
Now, snow has covered - all the ground,
an alternate reality - of what had been..
And, as a snowmobile - stalls and stops, a frantic,
operator with aggravation - wishes, she'd brought a friend.
After what seemed hours - she got the motor going,
and, finally - was able to head home..
Thoughts were filled - with heartfelt gratefulness,
she somehow knew - she'd not been alone..
For, the Universe had sent Angels - to aid her,
in performing that task - she needed to do..
So with patience she'd sat - recalling teachings,
that a Higher Presence - is always with you.
Having reached home - she relaxed by the fire,
feeling safe and secure - into the night..
Knowing she was here - because she'd not given up,
and that she'd been protected - by the Light..
The DVD player - held one of her favorite movies,
one she loved - had watched and watched..
And the music - that was now heard playing,
assured her - that home, is truly her Camelot.


As the sun set and twilight approached, loneliness arrived. Robert sat in his dim-lit living room. It was his birthday and he was alone as his son and daughter lived out of state. He had out-lived his wife and a sibling. His daughter, Tracy, having GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE was WAVERING with decisions that would change her life. He was rereading the card of SALUTATIONS she had sent. His son, Kevin had called earlier in the day to wish him well. Was he feeling sorry for himself: perhaps. But he did count his blessings as he had good health and had made new friends while volunteering at the local library. He was captured by the beauty and kindness of a certain lady. He never missed his volunteer day as it offered the chance to chat with Mz. Vicki. He turned his television on and saw that the PINK PANTHER was showing. He got up and walked toward the kitchen to get his dinner. To celebrate he was having LASAGNA; a family favorite that brought back fond memories of his wife and kids. The doorbell rang so he turned to go answer the door, hoping it was his friend from next door coming to visit. Opening the door, his eyes glistened with tears...there standing before him were Tracy and Kevin. They had driven all night to be with him on his 70th birthday. Having them there, turned this 'birthday' into a special time - the loneliness evaporated as he ushered them inside......and no, the lasagna did not burn...


Cara popped the DVD into the player and began her snow mobile challenge on the Wii. There was a fair amount of aggravation prompted by the fact that the game’s comments were a bit snarky, but she had learned to ignore them. As she focused on the alternate reality in which she found herself she tensed her shoulders for the frantic pace she knew was coming just around the next corner as forecast by the crescendo in the music. Sure enough, out of the shadows came the pursuers. Cara pointed the nose down and fled across a field. Firing button “1” she kept lobbing tomatoes at the ones behind her, occasionally scoring a hit. She laughed delightedly when that happened but kept her eyes on the prize ahead. Banking left, banking right, hummock hopping, jarring her imagined spine on the imagined course and now she could see the palace of flowers on the horizon that signified winning the course. The palace was made by a different arrangement each time, and this time the princess towers were tall lilies waving with encouragement – or was it distraction? Cara pressed down further to accelerate, taking every zig and zag to maximize her speed. Now she could even see the princess waving to her. As usual at this point, Cara got annoyed again. Imagine in the 21st century having to rescue a princess in a palace as a game goal. Suddenly, BAM! The snowmobile, her Mii and all the remaining tomatoes splashed all over the course as the fastest of the pursuers caught up with her and used the giant pounder to flatten her character. She sat back, and knew that that whole princess thing had distracted her once again.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Creeping Up On Us!





We're not finished with winter yet so stock up on good reads!

During regular library hours

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hidden Jewels

Our RestonFriends1 site has some great offerings that were just posted! Take a look at these:

This is the time of year to consider Butterfly gardening -- before stuff starts popping up in your yard. Give these beautiful creatures a place to stop-over for a treat, and treat yourself to one of creation's most beautiful jewels. $46

Speaking of beauty, wouldn't it be nice to know the the truth about it? Kat James will help you
see the beauty inside yourself, and give you strategies about how to let others see it as well. $14

To learn to draw well takes time, and a good teacher. This book can help you go from doodler to dazzler. $20

World Wide Rave: Creating Triggers that Get Millions of People to Spread Your Message and Share Your Stories. $13

As always, if you're a current, local Friend, we can get these to you without you having to pay postage. Just e-mail us!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Amazon Audiobooks

Move quickly if you want any of these. We just posted a raft (eighteen) of audiobooks on CD at our RestonFriends account! Here's a partial list of titles:

Reason and Faith: Philosophy in the Middle Ages
Vision in White (Nora Roberts)
Glitter Baby (Susan Elizabeth Philllips)
Sanctuary (Nora Roberts)
Angel Creek (Linda Howard)
The Touch of Fire (Linda Howard)
The Pagan Stone (Nora Roberts)
Night Walkers (Deutermann)
Dream Man (Linda Howard)
Beyond the Mist (Karen Marie Moning) + 3 more in Highland Series

and more . . . Click on the link above to see them. If you're a current local member of the Friends, we can get them to you without postage. E-mail us!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wordzzle is Back

The Wordzzle is a game created and hosted by Raven. She gives us two sets of words - five and ten. Use five for the mini, ten for the regular, and all 15 for the maxi. Use the words in a paragraph or short story (shorter is better so the dragons won't roar at you). If you'd like to play, check her site, write something up, ande-mail it to us or post it on your own blog and link to Raven!

Two of our Friends members and volunteers participate regularly - one from Florida and one locally. The blogger also participates when she has her act together.

Tell us what you think and come join us! It's a fun way to stretch your brain!

This week's words were: space cadet, silver lining, wood, turtle soup, minaret, ice, grease, sales, mandala, mug And for the mini: broken bones, slide rule, garbage, Chinese, sanguine

First, Kit:

A new year; a new day - a new opportunity,
to see dreams unfold - hopes fulfilled with time..
A time to reflect and - discard mental
that appeared as
broken bones - to the mind..
But, healing of mind & body - is quickly dealt with,
wihen life's
slide-rule performs -in universal measures..
For often times - changes that come into our lives,
are given - as keys to many, unknown treasures.

So, in this year ahead - give yourself a gift,
a gift of flexibility - and maintain a
sanguine mood..
Be as the
Chinese checker player - who plays to win,
by using right moves and choices - two very helpful tools..
Keep thoughts of making - each new day that comes,
full of right choices - for your own highest good..
And, at days' end - you'll find your soul's treasure,
has graced your day - just as you knew it would.

And now Charly:

As he walked the dusty trail to where the Old Fort country store stood, he scanned the scene before him- Snow-capped mountains off in the distance and part of the Rockies. One could revisit days of long ago when Outlaws and Rangers roamed this land. How he loved the history of the Old West. Jason entered the store. Off to the left, on a pickle barrel, was a CHINESE checkers game, placed ready for the next move. On the wall behind the counter hung a holster with a six-shooter. The gal behind the counter asking if she could help him, was dressed in calico and had a SANGUINE disposition. She spoke as tho she lived in the 1850s and had the western script down pat. Keeping with the past he ordered a Sarsaparilla. Gazing around the store he saw BROKEN BONES of a buffalo in a wooden bin and walked over to read the sign placed there. The bones were for sale at a penny a piece. He bought 5 and once wrapped, placed them in his jacket pocket. A newspaper on a chair near the door was dated 1852..a great read from that era. Balled-up paper that had been tossed and missed the GARBAGE pail was behind the chair. Finishing his drink he bid the gal goodbye and left the store. Outside the store was a bench. Suddenly feeling very weary he sat down and closed his eyes. Voices sounded far off and then near. He felt something cool on his forehead and opened his eyes. He saw his friends gathered around him, concerned. It seems he had been struck on the head at the construction site as he worked with his SLIDE RULE; an over-loaded backhoe moving wood had passed too close. Some of the wood fell on him and knocked him out-- his friends had moved him to the bench. As he focused, he looked around the building site where they were repairing parts of the Old Fort that had been there since the 1850's. He was almost sorry he had 'come-to' as he had experienced such a realistic dream of days gone by. He told his friends he was fine and slowly stood up. As he put his slide rule in his pocket, he felt something there. Wondering what he had stashed there, he pulled out a small packet and as he opened it up, stared in awe. There before him in his hand were 5 broken bones. Was it only a dream?

And finally, the Blogger's pathetic attempt to live up to Charly & Kit!

The slightly built Chinese man quietly slipped into the alley. Tucked behind the garbage was a small door. The last time he had entered the alley, he had ended up with broken bones. Yet, the call of the siren was too great for him to resist, so after a furtive look around, he ducked through the door and moved forward quietly, not wanting to disturb those who had already arrived. He approached the green door at the end of the passageway with trepidation and anticipation both. His heart raced, and his respiration increased. Quietly tapping the coded entry requirements onto the electronic panel he entered. The brightly lit room hummed with creative energy. True to form, he was searched thoroughly. No electronic products were allowed in this sanctum. The occupants of the room eschewed computers and electronics in their search for the solution. The thought process was that they must be able to communicate at the most basic level of technology as the project moved forward. Search finished, the door guard motioned him to take a place at the table.

Huddled at the various spots were men and women of all races and colors. Each was bent over a slide rule, furiously making calculations and notations. Yet, as he took his place, those across from and beside him, glanced up and greeted him with smiles. He smiled back, took out his slide rule, and joined in their machinations. Although it would be a long night, he relaxed into the company of like-minded people. There was an urgency and anticipation in the air tonight, perhaps due to the new year. The entire group was sanguine about their project’s potential success. Perhaps this would be the year that they would be able to decipher the message of the stars in order to achieve First Contact.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Frightful Weather

We have snow again today, and the kids in Fairfax County Public Schools are on a 2-hour delay. What happened to that global warming we were all worried about a few months back?

Isn't it nice to know that even when the streets are difficult for driving, and the wind cuts like a knife, that there is a warm place to visit? Unless the County Government decrees otherwise, the library staff are like the old Post Office motto,

"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds". "

They show up and do their jobs quietly, efficiently and effectively, no matter the weather. (The saying actually goes back to Herodatus, but most people associate it with the Post Office).

Here's another cool thing. You can visit Reston Regional Library in your pajamas. True! If you have a computer, you can log in and visit the catalog, many databases, and spend oodles of time perusing the FCPL website without ever changing out of your most comfortable clothes. With a library card you can put books on hold and sign up for programs!

So as the County continues to jump through budget hoops and we hear lots of talk about how
only essential programs will survive, feel free to let our Hunter Mill Supervisor to the County Board of Supervisors, Cathy Hudgins, know that for you, the library is ESSENTIAL and she must fight for it's survival. You can click on the link, or call her at 703-478-0283.

Now let's all go shovel some more snow. Sigh.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Inbound Cookbook

Finally! Whew! The cookbook is ordered! With over 200 delicious recipes in 8 different categories (a subcategory of slow cooking included), this will be a great gift for

  • Mother's Day
  • Birthdays
  • Father's Day (yes, many men like to cook!)
  • I don't know what the occasion is but I like supporting the Friends of the Library!
All proceeds go to support YOUR library programs!

The cookbooks will be $10 each and should be here at the end of February. We'll keep you posted.

If you'd like to pre-order, just e-mail us! And just for grins, in the comments or via e-mail, tell us what phrase this photo represents!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It's officially...(drum roll, please)


again. Thank you SO MUCH for allowing our sorters to take a break over the holidays.

Now you may return to your regularly scheduled donations...we need them...we want them...we value them!

And, in case you've forgotten what our guidelines are, please feel free to click here to access our donation brochure!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Library Scenes

Why do the staff and the Friends at Reston Regional Library do what we do? This photo by Darlene reveals all...

Sorry about obscuring the faces -- we didn't have their names . . .