Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Wordzzle

We're back again with the Wordzzle game again. Raven hosts this fun game in which writers (or those of us aspiring to be writers) use 5, 10, or 15 words to make a paragraph, poem or a story. Three of us from Reston play regularly, and we'd love to have more! E-mail us or visit Raven to find out how!

This week's words were: alternate reality, shadows, frantic, tomatoes, field, lilies, DVD, snow mobile, aggravation, music
And for the mini: grounds for divorce, pink panther, salutations, wavering, lasagne

Once, lilies and tomatoes grew - upon this land,
in the field - my eyes now see..
And, only shadows - of a Summers' day,
are represented in mind - by a standing tree..
Now, snow has covered - all the ground,
an alternate reality - of what had been..
And, as a snowmobile - stalls and stops, a frantic,
operator with aggravation - wishes, she'd brought a friend.
After what seemed hours - she got the motor going,
and, finally - was able to head home..
Thoughts were filled - with heartfelt gratefulness,
she somehow knew - she'd not been alone..
For, the Universe had sent Angels - to aid her,
in performing that task - she needed to do..
So with patience she'd sat - recalling teachings,
that a Higher Presence - is always with you.
Having reached home - she relaxed by the fire,
feeling safe and secure - into the night..
Knowing she was here - because she'd not given up,
and that she'd been protected - by the Light..
The DVD player - held one of her favorite movies,
one she loved - had watched and watched..
And the music - that was now heard playing,
assured her - that home, is truly her Camelot.


As the sun set and twilight approached, loneliness arrived. Robert sat in his dim-lit living room. It was his birthday and he was alone as his son and daughter lived out of state. He had out-lived his wife and a sibling. His daughter, Tracy, having GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE was WAVERING with decisions that would change her life. He was rereading the card of SALUTATIONS she had sent. His son, Kevin had called earlier in the day to wish him well. Was he feeling sorry for himself: perhaps. But he did count his blessings as he had good health and had made new friends while volunteering at the local library. He was captured by the beauty and kindness of a certain lady. He never missed his volunteer day as it offered the chance to chat with Mz. Vicki. He turned his television on and saw that the PINK PANTHER was showing. He got up and walked toward the kitchen to get his dinner. To celebrate he was having LASAGNA; a family favorite that brought back fond memories of his wife and kids. The doorbell rang so he turned to go answer the door, hoping it was his friend from next door coming to visit. Opening the door, his eyes glistened with tears...there standing before him were Tracy and Kevin. They had driven all night to be with him on his 70th birthday. Having them there, turned this 'birthday' into a special time - the loneliness evaporated as he ushered them inside......and no, the lasagna did not burn...


Cara popped the DVD into the player and began her snow mobile challenge on the Wii. There was a fair amount of aggravation prompted by the fact that the game’s comments were a bit snarky, but she had learned to ignore them. As she focused on the alternate reality in which she found herself she tensed her shoulders for the frantic pace she knew was coming just around the next corner as forecast by the crescendo in the music. Sure enough, out of the shadows came the pursuers. Cara pointed the nose down and fled across a field. Firing button “1” she kept lobbing tomatoes at the ones behind her, occasionally scoring a hit. She laughed delightedly when that happened but kept her eyes on the prize ahead. Banking left, banking right, hummock hopping, jarring her imagined spine on the imagined course and now she could see the palace of flowers on the horizon that signified winning the course. The palace was made by a different arrangement each time, and this time the princess towers were tall lilies waving with encouragement – or was it distraction? Cara pressed down further to accelerate, taking every zig and zag to maximize her speed. Now she could even see the princess waving to her. As usual at this point, Cara got annoyed again. Imagine in the 21st century having to rescue a princess in a palace as a game goal. Suddenly, BAM! The snowmobile, her Mii and all the remaining tomatoes splashed all over the course as the fastest of the pursuers caught up with her and used the giant pounder to flatten her character. She sat back, and knew that that whole princess thing had distracted her once again.


Argent said...

@Kit - "that home, is truly her Camelot". Well said, and a very nicely textured poem this week.

@Charly - What a heart-warming tale, so uplifting and yet not schmaltzily sentimental. Really enjoyed it.

@Blogger - Oh, I could really see this whole thrill-ride unfolding. Pesky princesses! This was huge fun to read.

Raven said...

Three great offerings this week. Kit, lovely poem as always. Charley - very lovely. I was hoping the kids would show up. Blogger, you made me smile. I'd so love to have a Wii... Back in the dark ages I had Nintendo and am still in love with The Legend of Zelda, the best game ever in the history of games.

bettygram said...

Kit, the poem painted a lovely picture of winter and then the trouble with the snow mobile.
Charly, I was so happy that the Kids came home.
Blogger, I could feel the the pressure to win as the snow mobile traveled only to be struck down by the princess.

Dr.John said...

Kit- I really loved that poem> It is a miracle what you do with the words and to turn them into a testimony to faith is a double miracle.
Charly-I real feel good story. I loved it
Blogger- You pulled me into the game and I hated to see her smashed flat. Very well done.

Fandango said...

Kit- We shook those words, we threw them up in the air and still we didn't see the beautiful poem yopu did. Well done.
Charly-We were feeling sorry for the old guy but you worked it out.
Blogger- We play Wii but that one we don't have. She needs to remember that alternate reality's are different from this one.