Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Wordzzle

This is week 96 of the Saturday Wordzzle Challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer to Ravens Nest find out how it works.


The weary Politician - sat in the dew-kissed garden,
this was his - favorite time of day..
With his head bowed - he innately wished,
the pressure he felt - would go away..
For the Legislative Bill - he sat reading,
seemed smelly - was against his true belief..
He didn't feel - that he could genuinely support it,
while his heart held - a feeling, of heavy grief.
But, as a token gesture - had said he'd consider,
joining with others - in this decision to be made..
Yet, now the contents - of what he'd just read,
showed him - just how far, politicians had strayed..
Now he inwardly knew - what his higher self had to do,
and, as he stood - he began walking confidently away..
For his choice had been made - it was to speak out with,
honesty and courage - for the people of his, beloved USA.


Surrounded by trees and a flower GARDEN, the one-room schoolhouse stood alone on the outside of town. After a long, hot summer, days were cooling off and school had opened for another school year. The school bell rang. Picking up her lunch pail, Emily gave one last hug to Sunshine, her FAVORITE pony, and went inside. She was a happy little girl and was glad to be back in school. She liked reading and seeing her friends. The class was excited today as the local POLITICIAN, newly elected Governor, was to pay a visit to the classroom. He was visiting the class as a TOKEN GESTURE to a kindness the teacher had done for the town. Emily heard Sunshine whinny so asked permission to go see what was wrong. She looked out the door and running down the steps, stooped to pick up a rock. As she threw it, she yelled, "Get away from my pony, you SMELLY old skunk". Looking to her left she saw the horse and rider coming. She rushed back in and told the teacher. The teacher prepared the class for their visitor telling them to be on their best behavior and be quiet. Emily could hardly sit still. As the Governor came through the door she jumped up and ran towards him. He scooped her up. Her small arms wrapped around his neck; looking at him she said, 'Hi, daddy!'.


It was amazing what a lovely cup of tea could do to change one’s attitude. After Gandalf had carefully procured it, he leaned back in satisfaction. People just didn’t understand the pressure he faced being the wizard of Good. A knock on the door admitted Badger, followed by a train of pixies. “We want to help, Gandalf,” began Badger. All of your stories talk about Hobbits and Elves, but we feel left out! We’re on the side of Good, too!” The pixies echoed this in a high pitched chorus. (Truthfully, it sounded a bit like a mosquito whine – one of the reasons the Author had left that particular group out). The old wizard thoughtfully scratched his head, then switched to his beard. Then he stopped, frozen with a thought. “Alright,” he began, “I think I can use you in the next adventure. And the Author will just have to go along with the process. First, we’ll roll out the barrel that is in the back garden. It’s over by that smelly refuse pile. Then we’ll add wheels and controls. Next, the pixies will climb on board and proceed at top gear to the house of the politician in the next village.” They jumped up and down excitedly. Badger pouted, “I did not hear anything about Badgers in that.” Gandalf replied, “I’m coming to that. You will be in the barrel. When it reaches the politician’s favorite rose bush, the pixies will slam into reverse and you’ll shoot out of the barrel. You will, in one bite, eat his blasted rose bush.”

The Badger nodded slowly but then asked, “umm…Gandalf, how is that going to help the cause of Good?” The wizard answered, “The last time that politician started talking about our Author he referred to him as one who leads children’s minds into darkness and mysticism. It’s only a token gesture to destroy the rose bush (you wouldn’t believe how much time and effort he spends cultivating that instead of his mind). You will then address him and tell him that talking Badgers are real and important, and (with a slight incline of his head towards them) so are pixies.” The Badger cautiously asked the next question. “But is that Good?” Gandalf shook his head irritably. “Perhaps not entirely, but if we let the politicians decide what is good fantasy or bad, we will have none at all, and that would definitely NOT be Good!” The Badger threw back his shoulders, said, “C’mon then” to the pixies and headed for the garden.


Raven said...

Kit - I loved your poem. I wish I thought more politicians were like that. I have been feeling quite discouraged of late.

Charly - good story as always.

Blogger - lovely... I especially like the line near the end about letting politicians decide what is good and bad fantasy...

Dr.John said...

Kit -Marvelous poem about a fantasy politician.
Charly-Loved the surprise ending.
Blogger- A nice parable to make a good point.sables

Argent said...

@Kit - Your poem this week told the story really well. If only more politicians were like your one.

@Charly - I really enjoyed the imagery in this piece. It was a little bit of summer in cold and dark England.

@Blogger - I loved this! In our country, we have a chain of toyshops called the Entertainer, owned by a christian man. He refused to stock any Harry Potter items becuase he felt that they were promoting the occult (?!) but he did stock Lord of the Rings items. Go figure. Great story, very imaginative.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

So - Reston, are you a corporate entity?!

Excellent stories all - you are officially on my regular reading list now (been meaning to for ages, but you know how it is...)

Reston Friends! said...

Pixie -- we are some friends who belong to a Friends of the Library group. The Blogger is the Friend who is responsible for the blog content on the non-Wordzzle days. Charly is our book sale chair and Kit is her twin who lives out of state but participates nonetheless!

We do great book sales and have fun with Wordzzle. Thanks for the compliments!