Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wordzzle Saturday

This is week 97 of the Saturday Wordzzle Challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer back to Raven's Nest to find out how it works.  The words this week were:

teflon, idealistic, marshmallow, opportunistic, kittens, beef, sawing logs, slapped, tickled, scissors For the mini: ripen, shelve, laminate, goofy, Siamese

It was a gray, wintry day. You could sense that snow would arrive by nightfall. People coming to the library were there to seek warmth and knowledge, use computers or attend meetings. Mary Ann a new volunteer, was to LAMINATE new library cards but instead, was having to SHELVE books. Gossip had it that a SIAMESE cat, named GOOFY, roamed the library by day & night but never seen. Some admitted they thought they'd heard meowing as they shelved books. Such are the tales one hears about cats & libraries. Mary Ann was a cat lover. She wished she would be the one to spot him. One of the books she was handling was called, 'The Cat Who Ate the RIPEN Peach'..She flipped through the book and there sat Goofy on a windowsill playing with a peach pit... No joke, that's the name of the cat in the story. As she reached to place the book on the shelf, she jumped as she felt something brush against her leg. Looking about she didn't see anything; then it happened again..still she saw nothing. She put the book on the shelf and turned to leave. She heard a thud and a sound that was almost a meow. Could it be? naw..the book had fallen opened and when she picked it up discovered it was at the page she'd looked at..she did a double-take. The cat was not on the sill; nor was the pit. she thought she heard the meow sound again. Patrons around her had not noticed anything out of the ordinary. Was this real or just wishful thinking? She peeped around the shelves and whispered 'goodbye, Goofy..Then she rolled her eyes and thought, 'I must be goofy--now I'm  talking to an imaginary  cat'. Heading back to her Supervisor she stumbled. Picking up what caused her to stumble, she found in her hand, a peach pit. Searching the area, she thought she saw the shadow of a cat darting between the bookcase aisles. With a shudder, she went on to her next task. Did she get her wish? Or, was this a figment of her imagination due to her love of cats.

When a laminated mind - has its' layers unfurled,
one will find - many forms of emotion..
Just as Siamese twins are joined - so are thoughts,
and sometimes we give thinking - too much devotion..
For we dwell on things - that we know we can't change,
yet, we won't let go - and fall into a goofy sort of depression..
That state of mind - that leads to a restless spirit,
guiding us on a path - that becomes an obsession.
If we could but learn - the art to discard or at least shelve,
emotions that do us - more harm than good..
Then by days' end - hopefully, a gentle peace is ours,
Because with a different perception - we've now understood..
That the ripen fruit of life - is pure love,
and given to us by a higher power - each glorious day..
To guide and direct - our paths and thoughts,
providing love, peace and joy - along our way.


Raven said...

Great job Charly & Kit. I loved the magical kitty and your poem was full of wisdom as always, Kit. Just so you both know - you are allowed to modify words with ed, s, or ing type modifications. I had a really hard time with the words this week, myself.

Argent said...

@Charly - I love this story. Ghostly cats and libraries, what's not to like? Beautifully done!

@Kit - Wise words indeed and great use of my horrible words.

@Blooger - O, Blogger, where art thou?

Reston Friends! said...

Argent, thanks for asking. Blogger had posted something that her husband thought sounded like a rant, so reflecting on the fact that this is not HER blog, but belongs to the Friends of the Library, she took it out and didn't have enough imagination to come up with a new story in the time frame left.