Sunday, February 7, 2010

Library is CLOSED

The Fairfax County Government Website says the libraries are CLOSED on Monday.

If you're spending this snowy time sorting your books out for donation, please hang onto them until we're open again.

If you're spending this snowy time reading the books you bought on Friday at the Mystery & Adventure sale, we hope you're enjoying them.

GOOD NEWS! We'll extend the sale through the week -- we'll open up when the library opens up.

Please do not return library materials until libraries reopen. Materials due February 5 through 10 are now due on Tuesday, February 16. No late fees will be charged for the dates the library is closed.  If you wonder why the library system is being so benevolent, look at this photo:

This is very bad for the books . . . 

And the last bit of good news -- if you're desperate for something cool to read, you can always check out the Library website.  It is full of good information on what's available through the library.  And some of it is available without ever having to set foot outside your front door!  How cool is that?  All you need is a library card!




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