Friday, March 5, 2010

The Great Unveiling


The Cooks' & Hash-Slingers' Guide to Great Grub is a collaborative effort of the Reston Library Friends and Staff! Full of yummy recipes (over 200 of them!) from Appetizers to Slow Cooking, this cookbook will make a GREAT gift.  You can purchase them by stopping by the library and asking at the circulation desk.  They're in the Display Case.

$10 per copy OR
Buy 4, get one free!

We will also have them available for purchase at the Children's and Young Adults Sale (March 20-21) and the Semi-Annual Used Book Sale (April 21 [Friends Night] - 25)!

Questions? E-mail us!

All proceeds benefit Friends of Reston Regional Library, Inc., and in turn, your library.

Photo by D. Strevey

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