Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friends Night Success

Despite the drizzle, Friends Night at Reston Regional Library was a big success.  Before we opened the doors there were at least 60 people in line, not all of them dealers!

We're still counting the beans, but the preliminary numbers look comparable to the Fall 2009 Sale Friends Night.

We hope to see many of our friends from last night back again throughout the weekend, because as you know, we restock constantly!

For the rest of you who missed it, we open at 10 today, tomorrow, and Saturday. Sunday we open at 1.  Don't miss this great way to celebrate Earth Day - it is the ultimate recycling event!

1 comment :

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

glad that you had a good turnout

My partner and i were persuaded to take a table at a sale around christmas with our home made cards - it was a total waste of time. No one coming knew there were going to be things on sale. Glad you did better!