Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too Hot For You?

The library is cool. Yes, it's cool in that symbolic happenin' place to be, but it is literally cool as well. As in the Air Conditioner is on most of the time.

There are still a few weeks to finish up the summer reading program, or attend a fun event.

And of course, we're coming up on the All Fairfax Reads program. To refresh your memory, this year's book is:

If your garden didn't turn out as you had hoped this year, here's a great book on RestonFriends1 that you can peruse over the winter . . .

If you're hot and you want an inspiration to cool off AS WELL AS to learn something about business and entrepreneurship, take a look at this one!

And as always, remember that if you're a current, local Friend of the library, you can get these sans postage! Just call (703-829-5467) or e-mail us.

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