Monday, June 6, 2011

Gifts for Dad

We haven't showcased our Amazon site lately. Here are some good gifts for Dad. You do know Father's Day is coming up, right?  In just under 2 weeks?

Does he like jazz?  This book has some great reviews by jazz aficionados.

John Coltrane: His Life and Music (The Michigan American Music Series) . Says one, "Porter's is the first jazz biography I've read that is a really musicological biography and worthy to stand up to the biographies written about classical music figures. Rather than create a portrait with personal meditations, as J.C. Thomas did in Chasin' the Trane, or beating a predetermined ideological drum, as Frank Kofsky did in John Coltrane and the Jazz Revolution of the `60s, or create a fanzine kind of portrait, as Bill Cole did (by far the best of the pre-Porter bios, but still lightweight musically) or create a sort of modern day hagiography, as Eric Nisenson did in Ascension, John Coltrane's Quest, Porter gives us a straight biography, with little personal interjection, and a lot of penetrating insights based on the actual music Coltrane produced."

Now, how can you resist that?

Maybe dad needs more peace and tranquility in his life. This book, The Jewel Tree of Tibet: A Complete Course on Essential Tibetan Buddhism, is a deal at $18.

Or perhaps he's a history buff. This interesting rare book might appeal to a sailor, a historian or someone who just enjoys a good adventure read. It's $52. There's also another book about the 1938 hurricane, "The Long Island Express." Check it out!

All of these books and many more are available at the Friends of Reston Regional Library site at If you're a current local member, we'll save you the shipping and you can pick it up at the library. Just e-mail or call us to arrange it.  Our number is at the top of the page.

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