Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thank you sponsors!

Have we mentioned recently how much we appreciate the support of our local sponsors?  They help us with logistics in putting on the semi-annual sale.  The sponsors for the Spring sale 2012 were:

Bagel Market, Vienna
CVS, South Lakes, Reston
Domino's Pizza, Reston
Dunkin Donuts, Herndon
Edible Arrangements, Reston
Edibles Incredible, Reston
Harris Teeter, Reston
Home Depot, Reston
Lucia's, Fox Mill, Reston
Mon Ami Gabi, Reston Town Center
Office Depot, Reston
Pizza Hut, Reston
Pollo Peru, Reston
Potbelly's, Reston
Rite Aid, Reston
Rubino's, Herndon
Safeway, Hunters Woods, Reston
Safeway, South Lakes, Reston
Safeway, West Ox Road
Sears, Franklin Farms, Herndon
7-Eleven, Soapstone, Reston
Shoppers Food, Herndon
Vie de France, Reston
Walmart, Fairfax
Willard's Barbeque, Chantilly

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Members Only Odd Lots Sale #10

Summertime's here again..... and so is the next batch of odd lot offerings from the Reston Friends.

We are happy to present Odd Lots #10 for your consideration.  Another wide-ranging assortment, from serious interests to fun for readers of all ages.

Rules of the game:
  • Buyers must be paid up Friends members.
  • First come, first serve. 
  • All items as is, no returns. 
  • Pickups by appointment.
  • Send an e-mail to  or call  703-729-5467  to leave a voice message clearly indicating which lot(s) you want.  (24/7 - it doesn't actually ring)
  • The Reston Friends reserve the right to limit quantities sold to any individual.
Don't see anything of interest this time around?  Please feel free to submit suggestions for future odd lots!

As always, all proceeds from Odd Lots go to support your library and your library system.

Thank you from the Friends of the Reston Regional Library.


A)      $10       
The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics 
                      and The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics 2
                      as a single lot of 2 titles

                      edited by Alan Aldridge
                      published by Delacorte Press
                      copyr 1969, 1st Dell ed 1972;  copyr 1971, 1st American ed
                      hardcovers in dj's that are price clipped
                      pages tanned with age

B)      $30        Power Pack comics
                      published by Marvel Comics, spanning 1984-1991
                      lot of 47 issues, #1 - 61 out of the total run of 62

                      most issues still in their original storage bags, many still bagged and boarded
                      includes crossover issues with such heroes as The Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine, Punisher, and 
                      someone who looks a lot like Whoopi Goldberg
                      apparently the first series in the Marvel Universe that features young children as super heroes
                      suitable for all ages

C)      $50        Shaman King series
                      by Hiroyuki Takei
                      lot of 21 volumes, #1-21 out of 32 total
                      Shonen Jump editions, copyr spanning 2003-2009
                      manga paperbacks are in English, rated for Teen
                      as new, unread

D)      $6          CFA Program Curriculum: Level 1 2008
                       published by Pearson Custom Publishing
                       lot of 6 volumes, #1-6
                       apparently no highlighting but there are lightly pencilled notes

E)      $5          Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures
                       version 6.1 (2009)
                       lot of 4 volumes, with all shrink wrapped except volume 2
                       (Lab Manual v6.1, Courseware Guide v6.1 vol 2, 3, 4)

F)      $9          local/regional community-type cook books
                       lot of 12, representing 12 different US states
                       in plastic comb bindings
                       a bargain sampler of recipes

G)      $10        cook books by James McNair
                       lot of 8 slender softcovers on single subjects like beef, soup, rice, etc
                       publ by Chronicle Books
                       copyr spanning late 1980's-early 1990's
                       as new, unread

H)      $16        Master & Commander series
                       by Patrick O'Brian
                       lot of 21 volumes, #1-21
                       mismatched lot of soft covers, most are trade paperback editions

I)       $6         novels by Jeff Shaara
                      published by Ballantine Books
                      copyr 2000's
                      lot of 5 trade hard covers in coordinating 4/C dj's
                      all as unread, with 1 of the 5 showing minor wear to dj (No Less than Victory)
                      (Gone for Soldiers, Rise to Rebellion, The Glorious Cause, 
                      To the Last Man, No Less than Victory)

J)      $20        Chinese language editions  --  Forgotten Realms series fantasy novels
                      by R A Salvatore
                      copyr 1990 by Wizards of the Coast
                      lot of 14 titles, volumes are numbered #1-9, #12, #14-17
                      trade paperbacks as new, unread
                      Ask about other Chinese language edition fiction trade paperbacks in as new, unread condition.

K)      $7         Milestones of History
                      published by Newsweek
                      copyr 1970
                      6 volume set complete
                      hardcovers in dj's, cloth bindings
                      history from 3000 BC to the moon landing in 1969

L)      $20        National Geographic books
                       lot of 24 hard covers in dj's
                       copyr 1990's,1980's
                       filled with their trademark glossy 4/C photography
                       from several series about nature, travel, etc
                       all books are very good condition in very good dj's, as unread

M)      $25       Life Library of Photography
                      Revised edition, published 1981, 1982
                      lot of 12 volumes
N)      $5         Saudi Aramco World magazines
                      lot of 27 issues spanning 2003-2008
                      published "to increase cross-cultural understanding"
                      subjects covered include cultures, history and geography of the Arab and Muslim 
                      worlds and their connections with the West
                      attractive publication with glossy 4/C pages

O)      $12       Scott Stamp catalogues 
                      lot of 3 volumes,  #2, 3, 4 only (countries C-F, G-I, J-O)
                      year 2009, ex-RRL copies
                      large soft covers, like phone books

P)      $6        The Time-Life Encyclopedia of Gardening
                     lot of 14 volumes in the series
                     copyr c.1974

Q)      $6        Time-Life Fix It Yourself
                     lot of 15 volumes in the series
                     copyr c.1989
                     glossy 4/C hardcovers, as unread

R)      $2.50      Watercolor magazines [An American Artist publication]
                        lot of 8 issues
                       spanning 1999-2004
S)      $30       The Yale Shakespeare
                      lot of 39 volumes out of 40

Great Courses from the Teaching Company

T)      $4.50       Churchill
                        by Prof J Rufus Fears
                        copyr 2001
                        12 lectures on 6 audio cassettes, with booklet

U)      $9          Shakespeare's Tragedies
                       by Prof Clare R Kinney
                       copyr 2007
                       24 lectures on 12 audio cassettes, with 2 booklets

Ask about other Teaching Company courses, also on audio cassettes.


Music CD's

2 separate odd lots of 80+ disks each
Disk condition appears as new.
They are stored in binders with plastic sleeves (capacity 100 disks), 
with many accompanied by the original booklets and paper covers.

V)      $25         lot binder "A" of 80+ disks
                        approx 1/2 are classical, 1/4 are easy listening, 1/4 are show tunes

W)      $20        lot binder "B" of 80+ disks
                       approx 1/4 are oldies/pop/vocals, 1/4 are jazz, 1/4 are ethnic regional,
                       balance are Christmas

You can take both lots or 160+ disks for just $40


Make an offer:
X)      2 cartons worth of adult (explicit) material [banker's box size]

Over 60 items in all
Most items are in as new, unread condition, except for collectible pre-1960
Some erotic fiction and manga, plus a variety of non-fiction from scholarly to instructional to photography to humor
A list of selected titles can be made available upon request.

Authors include Anne Rice writing as A N Roquelaure, Anais Nin, Art Spiegelman, Robert Crumb.

You can make a bid for the entire lot or ask about individual subject categories.

Items are available for review by appointment to serious buyers only.
****    Remember that all proceeds go to support your library and your library system.  Please note that the Reston Friends do not act as book content censors.  We convert donated books and media into cash funds.