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ODD LOTS #14 / 26 offerings in all

Celebrate the arrival of spring with Odd Lots #14.....  This round from the Reston Friends features a selection of Great Courses as well as a wide range of specialty magazine lots, all at bargain prices.
To repeat, the rules of the game are as follows:
......  Buyers must be paid up Friends members.  Yes, you may renew or sign up at the time of pickup.
......  First come, first serve.
......  All items offered as is, no returns.
......  Pickups by appointment.
......  Send an email to  or call  703-729-5497  to leave a voice message clearly indicating which lot(s) you want.  (24/7 -- it doesn't actually ring)
......  The Reston Friends reserve the right to limit quantities sold to any individual.  If you are interested in more than one odd lot, please prioritize that interest.

As always, all proceeds from Odd Lots go to support your library and your library system.

Thank you from the Friends of the Reston Regional Library.
P. S.      Remember that the Spring 2013 sale starts with members night on Wednesday 4/24.  The sale then opens up to the public on Thursday 4/25 and runs through Sunday 4/28.  

ODD LOTS #14  /  26 offerings in all

Hobbies and Special Interests

A)        $7        The Cook's Encyclopedia series
lot of 7 matched volumes but produced by three different publishers / stiff wraps / circa 2001

B)        $4        Cross Stitch & Needlework / magazines publ by Better Homes and Gardens
lot of 12 issues (1997)
C)        $2        Antiques: The Magazine
lot of 10 issues still in their original plastic mailers / spanning April 2002 - Dec 2003
D)        $8        Topical Time / Journal of Thematic Philately
features images and text about thousands of postage stamp releases from around the globe
4 paper sacks full of digest size issues in staple bindings
E)        $18        Boresight / magazines publ by Armor Modeling and Preservation Society
lot of 19 issues on military modeling / spanning 2002-2007
F)        $10        Trains: The magazine of railroading
lot of 27 issues / spanning March 2001 - Jan 2013
G)        $12        Cigar Aficionado / magazines publ by M Shanken Communications [NY]
lot of 5 collectible issues / incl 100 Years of Ernest Hemingway, Tom Selleck and Claudia Schiffer

H)        $15        Car magazine for the car enthusiast / publ by Bauer Media [UK]
lot of 7 issues (all 2012) / glossy heavy oversize issues, each carrying a cover price of $10.50 US

I)        $15        Evo magazine for the European sports car enthusiast / publ by Dennis Publishing [London]
lot of 6 issues (all 2012) / glossy heavy oversize issue, each carrying a cover price of $10.99 US
plus bonus:  Aug 2012 issue of Top Gear magazine / publ by BBC Worldwide Magazines

***  Take both UK car magazine lots H) and I) for $25  ***
J)        $8        The American Wilderness series / publ by Time-Life
lot of 21 volumes / copyr 1972-1974

Home Improvement and Gardening

K)        $1        how-to type titles on landscaping, lawns and plantings
lot of 5 books in stiff wraps / older editions by Sunset and Ortho
L)        $1        This Old House magazine
lot of 6 issues (all 2012) / mailing addreses torn off the front covers
M)        $5        Home Repair and Improvement series / publ by Time-Life
lot of 15 volumes / circa 1979
History and Culture

N)        $3.50        Asian Art, Asian Art & Culture 
magazines from the Arthur M Sackler Gallery, Smitnsonian Institution / publ by Oxford
lot of 13 issues / spanning 1988-1996
O)        $2.50        Horizon: A Magazine of the Arts / publ by American Heritage
lot of 11 hardcover issues / spanning 1965-1968

P)        $25        The Cultural Atlas of the World series
lot of 9 volumes / publ by Stonehenge Press / copyr 1991, 1992 / oversize hard covers in dj's

Q)        $12        Jefferson and His Time / by Dumas Malone
lot of 5 volumes out of 6 (#2-6) / publ by Little Brown / hard covers in dj's / smaller book club editions
R)        $40        Cornerstones of Freedom Library / publ by Children's Press
32 out of the 34 titles in the original carton
copyr 1970's, 1980's / gift inscription dated 1984 in 1 volume

S)        $7        Webster's Third New International Dictionary Unabridged and Seven Language Dictionary
publ by Encyclopaedia Britannica / copyr 1966
in 3 oversize volumes complete
Great Courses

T)        $16        Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition
in 7 parts / 84 lectures on 42 audio cassettes
complete with booklets / copyr 2000 / as is

$6        Dante's Divine Comedy
by Prof William R Cook & Prof Ronald B Herzman
in 2 parts / 24 lectures on 12 audio cassettes
complete with booklets / copyr 2001 / as is

V)        $15        Your Deceptive Mind: A Scientific Guide to Critical Thinking Skills
by Prof Steven Novella / Yale Univ
in 2 parts / missing disk #6 (lectures 11-12), so only 11 audio CD disks containing only 22 lectures
includes booklet that covers all lectures / copyr 2012 / as is

W)        $15        Understanding Complexity
by Prof Scott E Page / Univ of Michigan
12 lectures on 2 DVD's
no booklet / copyr 2009 / as is

X)        $28       Ancient Greek Civilization
by Prof Jeremy McInerney / Univ of Pennsylvania
24 lectures on 4 DVDs
no booklet / copyr 1998 / as is

Y)        $12        Great World Religions: Judaism
by Prof Isaiah M Gafni
12 lectures on 6 audio disks
no booklet / copyr 2003 / as is

Z)        $10        Elements of Jazz: From Cakewalks to Fusion
by Prof Bill Messenger
8 lectures on 8 audio CDs
no booklet / copyr 1995 / as is

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