Monday, September 9, 2019

It's Time for the Fall Sale --- Fill your trunk and help our branch!

Well, color us happy! It's time to fall into a good book with the FRRL Used Book Sale. Our volunteers have put alder hard work into this sale and we're ashing you to make the most of it.
No need to pine -- we restock every day, so great reads can be yours fir sure! Walnut grab one or two or tree? With so many poplar books to choose from, you can ginkgo crazy. Don't leaf any favorites behind!
Come to Reston Regional Library September 25-29...Fill your trunk and help our branch!
Wednesday, Sept 25 (Members Night) ....5-8pm
Thursday, Sept 26 ....10am to 8pm
Friday, Sept 27 ....10am to 5pm
Saturday, Sept 28 ....10am to 4pm
Sunday, Sept 29 ....NOON to 330pm