Friday, February 13, 2015

Finding the next director for the Fairfax County Public Library system

Dear Friend of the Reston Regional Library,

Please note that the Fairfax County Public Library system has officially started its search for the next Library Director, to replace the retiring director Sam Clay. 

The library director search committee is now reaching out to our community for help in finding the best type of person for this critical position.

There's now a quick and easy way to weigh in with your thoughts and opinions at the search committee's new online survey page:  [to the online survey page]  [to the library system home page]

The survey only takes a few minutes.  The Reston Friends strongly encourage you to complete it today. 
When you're done, and you've seen for yourself how quickly it goes, consider forwarding the survey link to your friends, family and neighbors in Fairfax County, so they too can demonstrate their concern for the future direction of our public library system!
And thank you for your support of the Reston Regional Library!

--      The Friends of the Reston Regional Library