Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Make Your Mystery List

It's time to make your mystery list.  Unlike the mystery list that you work from at the grocery store (you know, the one that's on your kitchen table and it's a mystery to remember what was on it), this mystery list is EASY to make and remember!

First, look at your favorite mystery and adventure authors. Write them down.  Second, look at the kind of mysteries you like.  Some people don't want the ones with lots of autopsies. Some don't want the ones with lots of cursing.  Some want mysteries themed to particular interests.  Did you know there are genealogy mysteries, knitting mysteries, and a slew of tea/catering/restaurant mysteries?  The latter often have recipes!

Now.  Having made that list, tuck it into the jacket, purse, or pocket you're going to wear on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10.  Got it?

Good.  Now look at your calendar.  Rearrange your day so you can stop by the Reston Regional Library some time during the time frame of 10am - 6pm so you can get first crack at the Mystery & Adventure Sale.

Can't make it on a work day?  No problem!  Grab the list and show up Saturday, 10-5 or Sunday, 1-3.  The sale will extend through Valentine's Day, the 14th.

Did you get that?  It's VALENTINE'S DAY on the 14th!  So you need to make a list of your sweetie's favorite mystery/adventure authors as well!

See you there!