Sunday, April 27, 2008

Success! Thank You!

As we closed the booksale this afternoon at 3:30 patrons were still shopping. Thank you Reston and surrounding areas for another fantastic Semi-Annual Used book sale.

We couldn't do it without --

-- the donations (yes, we LOVE your donations)
-- the sorters (these people make sense of what everyone donates)
-- the behind-the-scene volunteers (these people do everything else)
-- the library staff (these people make it easy to work through logistics and they're friendly)
-- the CUSTOMERS (yes, that's you)
-- the local businesses (they donate food for volunteers during the sale)

Ironically, every category mentioned also includes people from other categories. Many people who donate are also customers. Sorters are often customers AND donors. Behind the scenes people come from each category mentioned. Library staff spend money at our sale and many of them are also volunteers in their off-duty times. Local business people also stop by during the sale and become customers. When they accumulate too many books, they donate . . . and so it goes on!

In sum, this is a total community effort, doing the best kind of recycling available. Everyone wins. And the money? The Friends of the Reston Regional Library put that money back into the Reston library and other FCPL programs.

Give us a few days to catch our breath and then we'll start taking donations again. In the meantime, mark your calendars for the last weekend in September and watch this spot! We'll be showing you beautiful books that we have on our Amazon website available for purchase in between Semi-Annual sales!

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