Thursday, June 19, 2008


If you are one of the 38.4 million households in the U.S. who is owned by a solo cat or more, you need to come to this sale! If you know someone who falls into this statistic and has a special occasion coming up, you need to come to this sale! If you just like funny stories about animals, beautiful photographs of animals, or quirky books, you need to come to this sale.

Have I left anyone out? I hope not, because this sale is going to feature books that appeal to all of the CATegories above.

The sale will be Saturday, July 19, at Reston Regional Library in the front lobby during library hours.

Until the sale day, some of the books will be offered on our Amazon website. (See the link to the right). For full descriptions of the books featured above, go to our Amazon site. If they sell before July 19, they will not be available for purchase that day. If you see something you want, don't wait until July 19 to speak up! Reston Friends members can e-mail us at for details on how to purchase one prior to the sale. Not a Reston Friend? E-mail us at that same address and inquire about becoming one. This benefit (purchase of books that are currently posted on our Amazon site) is reserved EXCLUSIVELY for current Friends of RRL members.

Keep checking back for more photos of beautiful books!


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