Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not Just Books!

Our Cat's Pajamas sale is quickly approaching and here's a little secret . . . it's not just books! The collection we received included numerous cat lover items from costume jewelry to framed artwork. We're going to feature some items over the next couple of days. Please pardon the photography -- there are no pros on our staff!

And PLEASE note, this is a RARE exception to our rule that we don't sell things other than used books. We are not going out and soliciting collections of anything, no matter how unique or wonderful. We simply do not have the volunteer manpower to staff what that would require. Of course, if you have a collection of first edition classics like Hemingway and Twain, we want to talk to you...but as I said, it is a RARE exception.

About the art -- the stained glass pieces are called "Lightstreams" and are created by Jack Roseman, an artisan from Florida. His pieces of similar size retail at $40 for the smaller one and $70 for the larger. You know we'll give you a better deal than that, but you'll have to come to the sale to see!
The 12 panels are from some hand-painted Egyptian notecards by Mel and Jan Fleck. They are hand-pulled, embossed and individually painted note cards from original designs. We have 4 sets of the cat designs and 1 set of 6 dog designs. The 12-card sets retailed for $22, and the dogs for $12. But you know a good deal awaits you at the library on July 19!

See you there!


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